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12. Oktober 2018

Nachruf auf Ursula Behr – Frieden für Syrien! Kampf für die Wahrheit!

12. Oktober 2018

Syria: German artist Ursula Behr laid to rest in Damascus (RUPTLY)

Damascus Opera House showcased the last artwork of German artist Ursula Behr as her family and friends gathered at the Latin Church in the Old City of the Syrian capital on Thursday, to bid farewell to the artist and escort her to her last resting place. The artist, who devoted a great part of her work to Syria, chose Damascus to be her last place of rest. Her last exhibition titled ‘Rising from the Ashes’ presented the life and struggles of the people of Syria. Officials, including the Syrian Minister of Culture Mohammad al-Ahmad, stood alongside Behr’s husband, Marcel Berlina, who escorted her in her last voyage to Syria before losing to a long struggle against cancer. Upon the wished of her last will, Ursula Behr’s body was burried in the Latin cemetary of Damascus.

12. Oktober 2018

In Memory of Ursula Baher, a beautiful Sould and Defender of Humanity (In Gaza and beyond)

Ursula Baher, who on Facebook went by the pseudonym “Manuela Hochsteadt“, passed away today, finally freed of the terminal cancer which she had valiantly defied, fighting to stay alive and realize her dream: to come to Syria.
This dream was realized recently–thanks to Syrian individuals and those in the Syrian governmentwho facilitated her visit and arranged for her artwork to be shown in a gallery.
Ursula was a heroic and courageous woman, whose love for Syria and Syrians transferred to her amazing paintings, art which depicted the horrors of this horrific war on Syria and Syria’s people and its defenders. She painted the unbearable scenes, but also the beautiful, uplifting, and noble. She painted the hypocrisy that are international platforms, corrupted and contributing directly to the war on Syria, and Syria’s noble representatives rising above such loathsome hypocrisy.
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