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5. Juli 2020

International Statement of Solidarity with the Anti-Racist Rebellions in the United States



This spring, the entire world was shocked and outraged over the cruel and deliberate murder on May 25, 2020, of George Floyd, an African-American man in the city of Minneapolis, Minn. For nearly nine minutes, as recorded in a widely viewed video, a white police officer knelt with his knee on Mr. Floyd’s neck as the unarmed man, accused of a minor, nonviolent crime, pleaded for his life, saying “I can’t breathe!”

This latest example of what has seemed like an unending series of police murders of Black people has shocked the conscience of the American people, leading to protests in more than 2,000 cities and towns and in more than 60 countries. The carefully cultivated image of a United States as a beacon of human rights has been shattered by the outraged cries of an angry people.

The protests have themselves been met with numerous instances of police brutality, including the use of chemical agents and “non-lethal” projectiles. By June 30, some 14,000 people had been arrested, while more than 30 states and Washington, D.C. had activated more than 62,000 National Guard members.

We recognize that these protests are a genuine and justified rebellion against police killings in particular and systemic racism in general, led primarily by the African-American community and joined by hundreds of thousands of people of other races.

We hereby declare that the Peace and Justice-loving people of the world stand in solidarity with this just struggle and add our voices to those of the courageous protesters standing up today on the streets of America.

We demand:

1 – The immediate end to police killings of Black and other people of color.

2 – The immediate end to the violent police repression of the U.S. protests: No more tear gas, pepper spray, rubber bullets, “flash-bang” grenades and other instruments of war.

3 – Complete amnesty for the thousands of people who have been arrested during the rebellions.

4 – A complete reordering of the system of policing in the United States that reflects the protesters’ demand to “Defund the Police” and divert funds to meeting human needs.

As we condemn the police brutality being unleashed against protesters against racism in the United States, we also recognize the brutality being carried out by the U.S. military against innocent people around the world, including but not limited to the U.S. wars in the Middle East and North Africa; the expansion of the U.S. military throughout the continent of Africa; the increasing aggression against the people of Russia and China; the attempts to overthrow the legitimate government of Venezuela; the continuing brutal blockade against Cuba; the severe and escalating sanctions against Iran; and the unquestioning and escalating military, diplomatic and financial support given by Washington to the state of Israel in its brutal and racist suppression of the legitimate struggle of the Palestinian people for self-determination.

As we express our solidarity with the anti-racist protests in the United States, we also demand that the U.S. get its military knee off the necks of the struggling peoples of the world.

In addition to this statement, we pledge to organize solidarity protests in our own countries and to raise the above demands in our actions for Freedom, Justice, Equality and Peace.

In Solidarity

to endorse this Statement of Solidarity please e-mail Phil Wilayto:



14. Juni 2020

International declaration in support of socialist China

Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)
Representation in Germany Juni 5 2020

While the neoliberal world continues to grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, socialist nations have practically overcome it, with a low cost of human life.

Instead of questioning capitalist societies and their neoliberal policies implemented in almost all countries since the 1980s, responsible for destroying public health through privatization and transforming medicine into a profit-making business, China is blamed for the pandemic. Racism against the Chinese government and anti-communism is spreading in international media.

US imperialism lies when it accuses China of producing the virus and proposes sanctions and expropriations against China.

China would be responsible for the economic crisis, which in turn would be a product of the pandemic, some postulate. Therefore, it would be fair to confiscate Chinese assets abroad as compensation.

However, it is a structural crisis that has been in the makinh for a long time and deepened only as a result of the outbreak of the corona virus at the latest in the middle of last year.

This crisis is rooted in the low rate of profit, which borders on zero, international overproduction of goods and in an immeasurable accumulation of fictitious capital that no longer has any place to invest itself.

The current crisis is not the product of the pandemic.

On the contrary, the pandemic could mean restructuring and even restructuring the economies based on finance capital.

With the worldwide closure of countries‘ borders and the quarantine of people in their homes, economies have only allowed the sectors that produce and move the essential elements of society to function.

Others believe that the international sanitary measures that have been taken have seen the spread of the „Chinese Communist dictatorship“ in the world, but what this country has shown is great international solidarity against this pandemic.

Its doctors and medical products have helped numerous countries.

The world watched.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized Beijing’s great role in the fight against COVID-19.

The US government, on the other hand, initially announced that it would stop contributing to the WHO and then definitely ended its cooperation with it. The contrast between the number of infections and deaths makes this very clear: As of June 1, 2020, China had 83,017 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 4,634 people died from the disease. The United States has 1,779,853 cases and 104,081 deaths, according to Johns Hopkins University.

How could China control the virus? It is because of China’s socialist character, that is, its centrally planned economy.

Collective ownership of large industries, including healthcare, from biological and genetic research centers to the pharmaceutical industry; the ability to massively mobilize the population against the pandemic; the non-parasitic role of the Chinese People’s Army, which sent thousands of doctors to Wuhan.

The People’s Army of China dealt with the construction of new hospitals, the renovation of streets, buildings and squares, and many other elements typical of socialist societies. This was critical to the results achieved under the leadership of the government, the CCP, and President Xi Jinping.

Even in economies much smaller than China, socialist planning of the economy (and thus society as a whole) was critical to overcoming the crisis.

Cuba, with a population of 11 million, controlled the virus and sent doctors to 25 countries around the world, including „developed“ European countries.

For this reason, we have joined the worldwide Nobel Peace Prize campaign for the Cuban medical brigade HenryReeve:

Signatures for joining can be sent to the email nobeldelapazbrigadahenryreeve @ gmail and at

It is unfortunate that many of the delusions advanced by the centers of imperialism are subject to China being of a capitalist and imperialist nature.

The Trotskyist sectors are part of those who propagate this anti-communist lie.

In practice, these postulates do not lead the international proletariat to break free from the chains imposed on them by capitalist exploitation.

On the contrary, they act for imperialism, which is very interested in China having a negative image within the working class and its allies, e.g. the democratic petty bourgeoisie, the peasantry, the indigenous peoples, etc.

The current attacks by imperialism on China are based on two main aspects. One of these is the technological advance that Beijing has achieved with its 5G networks and the Huawei cooperative. The other is China’s advances in achieving a COVID-19 vaccine that President Xi Jinping has already declared a „global public good“ once it is manufactured.

The working class needs to know that its upcoming uprisings against big business to achieve emancipation from wage slavery need not start from scratch, but can start from a solid foundation, with China, the DPRK, Cuba, Vietnam and Laos as pillars of this struggle.

It is good for the workers to fight against big business and monopolies, knowing that there are nations in our present that have been building socialist society for decades, with progress and setbacks, with successes and failures.

We thank China, Cuba, DPRK, Vietnam as well as Russia, Iran, Venezuela and other countries for their international solidarity.

Therefore our international declaration of support to all of them …

We are convinced that China will take first place in world politics and economy in the coming years, which gives us hope that a new, better and more superior social order is emerging all over the world …

The pandemic and the economic crash indicate that we are facing a global crisis. The suffering and uprisings of the population in the United States and other countries, on the one hand, and the prestige of socialism, particularly in China and Cuba, show two things, namely that there is no place for defeatism. And that the option: socialism or barbarism is more valid than ever.

Chilean Communist Party (Proletarian Action)

-Representation in Germany June 5, 2020

7. April 2020

COVID-19 | Sanctions may lead to starvation – If sanctions continue to be upheld this could amount to criminal activity

14. Juni 2019

Anklage ohne Beweise: USA machen Iran für Angriffe auf Tanker verantwortlich

14. Juni 2019

Petition an Trump: Don’t Iraq Iran! Was die USA dem Irak angetan haben, darf nicht auch dem Iran angetan werden! (World Beyond War)

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Unterzeichnen Sie diese Petition an den US-Präsidenten Donald Trump:

An US-Präsident Donald Trump:

Ich fordere Sie eindringlich auf, keinen Krieg gegen den Iran zu beginnen und nicht länger zu riskieren, dass dieser Krieg ausgelöst werden könnte . Sie haben die Entscheidung, den Irak anzugreifen, korrekterweise als eine der schlimmsten Entscheidungen in der Geschichte der USA bezeichnet. Was den Iran betrifft, könnte dies noch schlimmer sein.

Ich ermutige Sie, friedlich mit den iranischen Führern zusammenzutreffen, die Kriegsdrohungen einzustellen, und ihre Untergebenen zu entlassen, die auf einen Krieg vorbereiten, die unmenschlichen Sanktionen zu beenden und die US-Truppen aus der Region abzuziehen.




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14. Juni 2019

Irankonflikt: Deutscher Mainstream unsicher

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14. Juni 2019

Britain believes US claims on Iran because ‘they’re our closest ally’

On the BBC’s Today programme on Friday morning Jeremy Hunt was asked: “You backed the US assessment that Iran is behind this attack. Do you have independent evidence of that?”

Hunt replied: “We are going to make our own independent assessment, we have our processes to do that.”


14. Juni 2019

„Verdächtiger Zwischenfall“: Reaktionen nach Angriffen auf Öltanker (RT Deutsch)

Während des Besuchs des japanischen Premierministers in Teheran wurden zwei Öltanker unweit der iranischen Küste angegriffen, wobei ein Tanker sank. Die 5. Flotte der USA eilte zu Hilfe. Der iranische Außenminister spricht von einem zeitlich „verdächtigen“ Zwischenfall.

Dem japanischen Premierminister Shinzō Abe versicherte das geistliche Oberhaupt des Iran, Ajatollah Sejjed Ali Chāmeneʾi, sein Land habe weder die Intention, Atombomben zu bauen, noch diese irgendwohin zu liefern. Abe sprach von einem großen Fortschritt hin zu Frieden und Stabilität in der Region. Am Donnerstagmorgen aber gingen bei der US-Marine in Bahrain Meldungen über zwei – zunächst brennende – Öltanker ein.

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14. Juni 2019

Iran categorically rejects US ’unfounded claim’ on tanker attacks (Press TV)

Iran has rejected as „unfounded“ US claims that it is responsible for the recent attacks on two oil tankers in the Sea of Oman, warning of „another Iranophobic campaign“ being waged by Washington and its allies.

„The inflammatory remarks by the US representative against Iran at the UN Security Council on 13 June 2019 was another Iranophobic campaign. Iran categorically rejects the US‘ unfounded claim with regard to 13 June oil tanker incidents and condemns it in the strongest possible terms,“ said the Iranian mission to the UN in a statement on Thursday.

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14. Juni 2019

Rouhani tells SCO summit: US poses ’serious threat‘ to world (Press TV)

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says the Trump administration is a serious threat to the stability of the Middle East and the world, urging the international community to stand up to US unilateralism.

„For the past two years, the US government has used its economic, financial and military power through an aggressive approach to disrupt all international structures and regulations,“ Rouhani said Friday.

This has turned the US administration „into a serious threat for the stability of the region and the world“, he noted.

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14. Juni 2019

Johann Wadephul (CDU) „Nicht wundern, wenn jetzt was Militärisches geschieht“ (Deutschlandradio)

14. Juni 2019

Michael Lüders: Krieg gegen Iran wäre fatal (Deutschlandradio)

14. Juni 2019

Nahostexperte Michael Lüders zur Eskalation gegenüber dem Iran

14. Juni 2019

Unscharfes US-Video soll Schuld des Iran an Schiffsangriffen im Golf von Oman beweisen (RT)

Das US-Militär hat ein Video veröffentlicht, das angeblich zeigt, wie die Iranische Revolutionsgarde (IRGC) eine nicht detonierte Haftmine von der Seite eines der Tanker entfernt, die zuvor im Golf von Oman angegriffen worden waren.
Die Aufnahme zeigt ein kleines Boot, das sich dem japanischen Tanker Kokuka Courageous nähert, bevor einer der Männer einen Gegenstand vom Rumpf des Tankers entfernt, von dem die USA annehmen, dass er eine nicht explodierte Mine ist.

„Um 16:10 Uhr Ortszeit näherte sich ein Patrouillenboot der IRGC-Gashti-Klasse der M/T Kokuka Courageous, wurde beobachtet und gefilmt, wie es die nicht explodierte Haftmine von der M/T Kokuka Courageous entfernte“, sagte Marinekapitän Bill Urban, ein Sprecher des Central Command des US-Militärs (CENTCOM), in einer Erklärung.

Die Qualität des bereitgestellten Materials macht es unmöglich, die Behauptungen des CENTCOM unabhängig zu überprüfen. Nachdem Außenminister Mike Pompeo jedoch die Schuld dem Iran zugeschoben hatte, wie üblich unter Berufung auf geheim eingestufte „Informationen“, wird in US-Medien gemutmaßt, dass die Iraner wohl versucht haben müssen, „Beweise“ für ihre angebliche Beteiligung an dem Angriff auf zwei Tanker im Golf von Oman zu beseitigen.

Teheran beharrt darauf, dass es nichts mit dem Vorfall zu tun hat und dass seine Schiffe zur Rettung der Schiffe in Seenot in der Nähe iranischer Hoheitsgewässer eilten. Laut Angaben der iranischen Armee verstrich aufgrund der Entfernung der Tanker von der iranischen Küste einige Zeit bis zur Ankunft ihrer Rettungsschiffe. Ein nicht iranisches Schiff sei offenbar vor anderen an der Unfallstelle gewesen und habe die gerettete erste Schiffsbesatzung den iranischen Rettungsschiffen übergeben. Das Schiff werde nun untersucht.

Der iranische Außenminister Mohammed Dschawad Sarif hat den US-Amerikanern inzwischen im Wesentlichen vorgeworfen, einen Anschlag unter falscher Flagge durchgeführt zu haben, um die Diplomatie zu „sabotieren“ und den eigenen „wirtschaftlichen Terrorismus“ gegen die Islamische Republik zu vertuschen.

14. Juni 2019

Rätselraten um Öltanker. Nach mutmaßlichen Angriffen: Zwei Schiffe im Golf von Oman in Seenot (junge Welt)

Zwei Öltanker sind am Donnerstag morgen im Golf von Oman in Seenot geraten, nachdem sie offenbar angegriffen worden waren. Dadurch spitzt sich die Kampagne der USA, Israels und einiger arabischer Monarchien gegen den Iran erneut zu.

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