International personalties call on the EU to respect the December Elections in Venezuela


Personalities from culture, politics and science in Latin America, the Caribbean and Europe have called on the European Union (EU) to respect the holding and the result of the upcoming parliamentary elections in Venezuela.

On December 6th, the Venezuelan citizens are called upon according to their constitution to elect new members to the National Assembly. 14,400 candidates from 107 parties or other organizations will vote for the 277 seats in parliament.

The petition, which is still open for signatures, argues: „If the European Union were really determined to be an orientation towards peace in a world of turbulence, it should not support the path of violence and confrontation in Venezuela. We therefore call on the European Union to respect the election results of December 6th this year and to strengthen the democratic will of the Venezuelans. „

This election represents „above all a democratic, legal and peaceful way out of the political and institutional crisis that was triggered in January 2019 by the self-appointment of Juan Guaidó as ‚interim president‘ of Venezuela“, so the initiators of the petition.

Despite its repeated calls for dialogue in Venezuela, the EU refuses to „accept the new democratic consensus“ that has led to a new definition of election guarantees between parts of the opposition and the government of President Nicolás Maduro, the call criticizes. The EU even rejected the Venezuelan state’s invitation to send election observers.

The first signers of the appeal include the Argentine Nobel Peace Prize laureate Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, the former President of Ecuador, Rafael Correa, the leader of the Labor Party of Brazil, Gleisi Hoffman, the British musician Roger Waters, the French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the journalist and media scholar Ignacio Ramonet and the Brazilian theologian Frei Betto. Several members of the German parliamentary group of the party Die Linke can also be found among the signatories.

The EU’s attitude towards Venezuela is the result of constant pressure from the US government, whose priority is not respect for democracy, but a policy of“regime change“ according to its interests. The „alignment with the policy of the Washington hawks“ is judged in the text as „a serious sign of a departure from an independent foreign policy“.

The signatories sent the petition to former Spanish Foreign Minister Josep Borrell, who is now the EU’s High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and who leads European diplomacy against Caracas.

here the petition:

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