The production of biological weapons is only allowed for the USA – by Dr. Wolfgang Schacht (German Freethinkers)


by Dr. Wolfgang Schacht
Translation of the german language article:

The United States of America (USA), fully aware that it is the strongest, the brightest, the most unscrupulous and the most ruthless in the world, produces deadly viruses, bacteria and toxins for biological weapons. They can, they may and do that because such dangerous activities are not allowed on the territory of the USA, because they must comply with the Geneva Protocol of June 17, 1925 („Protocol on the Prohibition of the Use of Asphyxiating, Toxic or Similar Gases as well bacteriological Methods of war „) is not signed and have … because no one defends himself against it .

The Pentagon documents give shocking facts about US biological weapons war programs [ 1 ].

US-military scientists test artificially created viruses in more than 200 Pentagon laboratories in 25 countries around the world (Fig. 1).

Image 1

The United States of America (USA) is the only country in the world that owns and operates such biological laboratories in other countries.

The main focus is on the countries of the former Soviet Union (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Ukraine), the Middle East, South-East Asia and Africa. There are 15 such laboratories in Ukraine alone. An unprecedented threat to Europe and to Ukraine itself. This madness is financed by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) – agency of the US Department of Defense – with a budget of around 3 billion US dollars / year.

A modern center for the development of biological weapons has been set up by the USA in the Republic of Georgia (Fig. 2). It is no coincidence that the Georgians call it the “Laboratory of Death”. In this laboratory documents were found that prove that private US companies (Hill, Battelle, Gilead, Metabiota) have a license to conduct human experiments from the highest politicians in Georgia. Numerous experiments with deaths are now known. Since the Lugar Center opened, the Republic of Georgia has been plagued by epidemics and pandemics on a regular basis. Swarms of exotic insects have appeared in the country, with which the USA is working intensively as part of the secret project “Insect Allies”. In addition, secret documents confirm the suspicion that the Pentagon is experimenting with genetically modified plague viruses, to deliberately exterminate certain “human races”. A new threat to humanity is just around the corner [2].

picture 2

The Lugar Center in Georgia is only 10 miles from the US Vaziani Military Base.

The laboratory with a biological protection level of the 3rd degree (high security laboratory) may only be entered by citizens of the USA who are authorized to inspect secret state documents. As part of a government agreement with Georgia (treaty of 2002), their employees even have diplomatic immunity, ie as secret agents they are de facto exempt from any responsibility for criminal acts. Her research focuses on studies of the Siberian plague, rabbit or rodent plague, various viruses (e.g. Crimean-Congo fever) and the “development of biological material for future experiments”. The directors of the DTRA’s military programs are generally representatives of private companies and are therefore not accountable to the United States Congress.1 ]. The diplomatic status of their secret agents is an international scandal!

For the past several decades, the Battelle Institute has directed the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center (NBACC) in Fort Detrick, Maryland (Fig. 3). The basis for this is a contract with the Department of National Security (DNS). NBACC signed two 10-year contracts with DNS: $ 344 million (2006-2016) and $ 20 million (2015-2026). In the same institute, the CORONA virus of the Chinese bat was „successfully“ modified in 2015 so that it can penetrate human cells directly without an animal transmission host [ 3 ].

picture 3
Picture 4

Secret experiments at NBACC on the use of new technologies for the targeted distribution of biological dusts, the scientific evaluation of the use of aerosol toxins, the evaluation of the toxicity of melioidosis (also called pseudo-snot or Whitmore’s disease) have also become known (Fig 4). The US makes no secret of it.

Melioidosis has been considered a potential biological weapon by the US in the past. The biological laboratories also deal with the genetic manipulation of various pathogens and their potential for use in a hybrid war.

Metabiota Inc. was used by the Pentagon as part of the DTRA project during the EBOLA epidemic in West Africa. For the development of an effective vaccine against EBOLA? Of course not! This task was generously left to the Russians! Three American laboratories cultivated the pathogen on site. What for? For this and many other works, Metabiota received $ 3.1 million (2012-2015).

Even with insects as carriers of various diseases, the Pentagon intends to liquidate its enemies. In the Lugar Center (Georgia), the entomology specialists have therefore built a modern factory for breeding such “animals”! The media in the Caucasus report on criminal attempts with biting and stinging “flies” (Fig. 5).

Pic 5

To which moral level do “managers” and “scientists” have to sink in order to formulate, finance, develop and… implement such perverse research tasks? The objective is: maximum destruction of people in the shortest possible time with the least effort and costs! Why are we so outraged and so horrified? Didn’t the colonialists and founders of the USA have similar goals and … realized them in the extermination of the indigenous people (Indians) in the years 1620 to 1890? More than 80% of America’s indigenous population has been ruthlessly exterminated! Isn’t that genocide (genocide)? The experience of the establishment in the U.S. in this „field“ is obviously still vast. Woe to him who forgets that!

The “Sand Fly” project began in 2014. Initially only in Georgia and the Caucasus region. Female sand flies were used for the tests. In their desperate search for blood for their brood, they fly from sunrise to sunset. The focus of the „research“ was not their grandiose flight, but the success rate of the transmission of serious infections and diseases (leishmaniasis). At first they only fly in Tbilisi (capital of Georgia) – also outside of their season. A few months later they also attack people in neighboring Dagestan (Russia). Their bites cause severe inflammation. They live in the sewer system and appear through the drainpipes all year round (Fig. 6).

According to the Pentagon, the use of bioweapons for entomology is very effective for the widespread spread of contagious diseases in a hybrid war .

The physical annihilation of 650,000 enemies costs only 29 cents per victim [ 1 ]!

Pic 6

In the USA, in a demarcated area of ​​the state of Utah, bioactive warfare agents are produced in a military facility [ 4 ] and tested in a special facility (Fig. 7). Figure 8 shows which substances were produced and tested on March 12, 2012.

Picture 7
Picture 8

We spare ourselves further details on these and other criminal activities of the United States. However, we are obliged to point out the following highly current development trends in biological weapons, because they also affect us to a great extent:

  • For the targeted genetic modification and concrete influence on the health of Chinese and Russian people, the Pentagon collects their RNA and DNA, as well as biological material from healthy and cancerous patients.
  • For the targeted genetic modification of the „ideal“ person from the point of view of the establishment in the USA, around 50 artificially created chromosomes are implanted in them. The aim is to create a large mass of callous idiots who obediently work, … consume and laugh.
  • For the targeted destruction of the People’s Republic of China and the Russian Federation, the USA is developing new artificial toxins, bacteria, viruses, chromosomes and biological weapons, which are to be used in a targeted manner with the latest technology.

Current events in the world, especially in the USA and Ukraine, prove that global capitalism will perish worldwide. Whether today or tomorrow – it doesn’t really matter!

It is very urgent to do something against the production of biological weapons. The left movements are fighting together with all forces for peace to reach a resolution by the United Nations (UN), arranging for all 200 laboratories operated by the U.S. to be closed immediately and to be dismantled – by a specific date, of course! If, contrary to expectations, the Pentagon does not comply, then military specialists from the UN will be deployed to dismantle the laboratories. Isn’t that a very concrete contribution to securing peace in the world? Let’s do it!


Мы победим!

We will win!

Dr. Wolfgang Schacht, April 16, 2021

U.S. Army Activity in the U.S., Biological Warfare Programs, Volume II, 1977, page 82 (in Russian)

Dr. Wolfgang Schacht is a member of the German Freethinkers