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3. Dezember 2013

Secretary general of Japan’s ruling Party under fire after equating demonstrations opposing bill to toughen penalties for leakers of state secrets with „act of terrorism.“

Ishiba cuts ‚terrorism‘ from civic demos comment
The secretary general of Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party has deleted part of a comment on his blog that equated extremely noisy demonstrations with terrorism.

Shigeru Ishiba has come under fire after posting a comment on Friday that said the tactic of screaming during protests is essentially not much different from an „act of terrorism.“

Ishiba was referring to demonstrations by civic groups opposing a controversial government bill to toughen penalties for leakers of state secrets. The bill passed the Lower House last week and deliberations have now begun in the upper chamber.

Civic groups and others are continuing to stage rallies against the bill outside the Diet.

On Monday, Ishiba deleted his comparison to terrorism and wrote instead that protests with screaming are different from what democracy is meant to be.

He told reporters later in the day that peaceful rallies are to be welcomed in democratic societies. But he added that provoking fear among people and disturbing calm by shouting should be avoided, no matter what the issue.

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