Pink Floyd co-founder Roger Waters has joined RT to talk about his latest CNN interview, global geopolitical situation, economical issues and more. Why should US decide how everyone behaves (RT)

“A lot of that 73 percent of ukrainians who voted for him [Selenskyj] presumably wanted those agreements implemented so that they didn’t have to have a war. And it could be stopped in my view tomorrow. All it needs, is for the Americans to come to the table and say: ‘Okay, let’s go with the Minsk Agreements.’ And then it would be over.”


We all love Roger very much, but even he seems somewhat confused on some issues here. He is trying very hard to speak truth to power. And speaking to the russian state media now is a very strong statement in itself. Just calling the russian president a lunatic does not really help to clear the minds of peace-activists. Russia is fighting fascism and Nazism in Ukraine, and we need to understand that sometimes that means to stand up and fight.

Thank you Roger!

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