First Anniversary of Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons: Nukes are now illegal! Now get them out of Germany!

On January 22, the UN Treaty to ban nuclear weapons will be in force for one year. On this occasion, members of the Nobel Peace Prize organizations IPPNW and ICAN and other organisations are taking a stand against nuclear weapons with various campaigns throughout Germany.

Against the background of the current tension between Russia and NATO, the demand for a ban on nuclear weapons in Germany is very important.

According to coalition agreements, the newly elected german government wants to work for a world free of nuclear weapons and has announced plans that it will take part in the state conference on the UN nuclear weapons ban treaty (March 22-24, 2022) in Austria as an observer.

At the same time, German Defense Minister Lambrecht announced that the new german government intends to procure new combat aircraft capable of delivering nuclear weapons stationed in Germany as part of nuclear participation. At the same time modernized US nuclear bombs, are being stationed on german soil.

Florian Eblenkamp from ICAN Germany declared: “Investing billions in security concepts from the Cold War contradicts modern security policy. Nuclear weapons are banned under international law by the Nuclear Weapons Ban Treaty. Germany should support this treaty and not instead procure new nuclear bombers.“

“ We strongly criticize the planned upgrade. The so-called „nuclear umbrella“ of the US offers no protection. On the contrary: we are fueling an already very dangerous conflict. That is why we are calling for an end to the stationing of US nuclear bombs in Germany and demand an exit from NATO’s nuclear participation ,“ emphasizes Dr. Lars Pohlmeier, Co-Chair of IPPNW.

This week several campaigns took place in Germany.

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