„Brazil’s bourgeoisie wants him to stay in office“ Activists protested in Berlin on Saturday against the policies of President Bolsonaro. A conversation with Edleuza Peixoto (junge Welt)

„Brazil’s bourgeoisie wants him to stay in office“
Activists demonstrated in Berlin on Saturday against the policies of President Bolsonaro.
A conversation with Edleuza Peixoto

Not only in Brazil are protests against the fascist President Jair Bolsonaro, but also in Berlin. You protested in front of the Brandenburg Gate on Saturday. What are you criticizing?

There is a kind of genocide going on in Brazil right now. As a result of the president’s policies, it is mainly blacks, poor and indigenous people who die. He has repeatedly denied the threat posed by the corona pandemic and the protective effect of vaccinations. In the meantime, a vaccine contract is being investigated for corruption in connection with the role of Bolsonaro. So there is no shortage of reasons to take to the streets.

The President changed the Minister of Health in his government several times. What influence did that have on corona policy?

The first Minister of Health Luiz Henrique Mandetta had supported protective measures and was subsequently dismissed by Bolsonaro in April 2020. The doctor Neon Teich followed him into office. After a month, he resigned from his post because he disagreed with the president’s policy. Teich was replaced by General Eduardo Pazuello, who was exchanged for Marcello Queiroga, the fourth Minister of Health, in spring 2021. General Pazuello is responsible for the deaths of thousands of people in the Manaus region. There had been next to no oxygen for patients in the midst of the pandemic. That is also the responsibility of a president who occupies central positions with army officers who actually do not understand anything about the matter.

How did it come about that your group protested against Bolsonaro here in Berlin?

We joined forces in 2020 under the name “Luta contra o fascismo no Brasil” (fight against fascism in Brazil, jW). This year our protest has become even more visible. For example, in March we gathered in front of the Brazilian embassy and demonstrated against the military dictatorship. Since we have carried our protest in front of the Brandenburg Gate, we have reached even more people.

What do you want to achieve from Berlin?

We want to send a message to Brazil. Just chanting “Fora Bolsonaro” (Bolsonaro out, jW) is not enough. We need an alternative and we have to realize that the Brazilian bourgeoisie wants the president to remain in office. His government’s goal is to privatize as many areas as possible: from schools to hospitals. The position of civil servants is also said to be weakened. In the future, crucial posts will only be filled with people who are loyal to the rulers – as was the case during the military dictatorship. As a result, the poor would have little more access to health care or legal assistance because they could no longer afford these things.

You spoke of alternatives. Are you counting on ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva of the Labor Party?

Lula is currently ahead in all the polls. However, it seems that Bolsonaro is just about to get whatever he wants. He “reforms” the administration and restricts the rights of the indigenous peoples by denying them access to arable land, which in turn benefits the large landowners.

How do you assess the relationship between Germany and Brazil?

Germany is an imperialist country. When there is chaos in Brazil and poverty and hunger determine the everyday life of many people, capital is not bothered by it. Then they simply invest in agriculture to make a profit. In addition, there are similarities between the Brazilian and German rights. A current example: Last year, Bolsonaro’s party had a campaign with the message “Work, unity and truth will liberate Brazil”, which is strongly reminiscent of the gate label “Work makes you free” in fascist concentration camps.

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