Stop Ukraine’s war on Donbass! Stop the policy of aggression against Russia! – Groups of the Berlin Peace Coordination (FRIKO)

The Ukrainian government has been waging war against Donbass since 2014. Encouraged by “the West” including the German government, it sabotages the Minsk Agreement, which is binding under international law, and the commitments it made there *. The Ukrainian ambassador in Berlin – an open admirer of the Nazi collaborator Stepan Bandera – is already calling for the Ukraine to be armed with nuclear weapons.

The US is supplying Ukraine with weapons, US military advisers and international mercenaries are in the country. They are doing exactly what they are accusing Russia of doing in Donbass.

Germany, along with Russia and France, is the guarantee for the implementation of the Minsk Agreement. As a mediator, Germany is obliged to help enforce the steps and not, if Ukraine violates it, to impose sanctions on Russia.

The Minsk Agreement stipulates the sequence of steps necessary to achieve peace:

Cessation of acts of war, regulation of an autonomous status for the Donbass, constitutional reform in Ukraine. Each of these steps is being sabotaged by Kiev.

In February 2021, Russia therefore submitted an initiative request to the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe), which consists of three points: support for the Minsk Agreement approved by the UN Security Council, a call for its implementation as soon as possible and a call to the structures of the OSCE to help. All Western partners, Ukraine itself and the German government voted against this motion. But that totally contradicts her task as a peacemaker!

With Decree 117 of March 24, 2021, the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky decided to recapture the Crimea and Donbass militarily. With this he finally breaks with the obligations from Minsk I and II and intensifies the confrontation against Russia. On April 27, he said in an interview with the Financial Times that he wanted to rewrite the Minsk Agreement and that he wanted more „flexibility“.

At the same time, the NATO armies are mobilizing again against Russia under US leadership as a major Defender 2021 maneuver. “Defender” means “defender”. But NATO does not defend, it threatens Russia, right on its borders.

This year it does so particularly in Bulgaria and Romania as well as in the Baltic States, and non-NATO countries such as Ukraine and Georgia are also taking part in these exercises. German troops are fully armed on foreign soil. Germany serves as the logistical hub and transit country for the maneuver.

There is no Russian threat to defend against. And Russia, like all countries in the world, has a legally binding right to self-defense, protection of its citizens, and control of its sea routes and airspace.

The war in Ukraine and the western military provocations on Russia’s borders are two sides of a policy of aggression by the USA, NATO, Germany and the EU against the Russian Federation, which has been escalating for years.

The “Ukraine crisis” is not a “local conflict” between two neighbors. The people in Donbass and Ukraine themselves are now paying the blood toll for this policy.

This policy of aggression also goes against the interests of the German population. In the eightieth year since the German attack on the Soviet Union, we do not want to answer for another war against Russia. If the “cold” war turned into a hot one, Germany would only play one role: it would become a battlefield.

It is the task of the federal government to have a moderating and de-escalating effect on its “friends” in the Ukraine and the USA, instead of fueling the enemy image of Russia with agitation and false reports. Economic sanctions, military provocations and “arming to arm” should serve to bring Russia to its knees.

We protest against this and demand from the German Government and the EU:

We clearly state WHAT we are FOR:
For peace and cooperation with Russia!
For a German foreign and security policy that advocates détente, international understanding and respect for international law!


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