The Spiral of Escalation. Brussels imposes new sanctions on Moscow, due to a loss of EU influence in favor of Russia. (

The EU is escalating the conflict with Russia using new sanctions. Yesterday, Brussels imposed coercive measures against four Russian officials: They will be denied entry into the EU and possible assets within EU member states will be frozen. In a coordinated move, Washington also announced new sanctions, to demonstrate transatlantic unity in the power struggle with Moscow. While the EU – cloaking itself in a posture of alleged moral superiority – declares its aggression as a commitment to human rights, it is ratcheting up its actions, due to strategic considerations: Russia has been gaining significant influence in countries Berlin considers to be within the EU’s immediate spheres of influence, such as Syria. The German government has also been unable to assert itself against Russia as the regulatory authority east of the EU within the framework of the „Minsk Process.“ To increase the pressure, Brussels is now using sanctions also to instigate protests around the Navalny case. Within the German elite „regime change“ is explicitly mentioned.

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