2020 – World Beyond War Berlin Chapter

Berlin, Germany: The Berlin chapter was very active throughout 2020. The chapter participated in the Rosa Luxemburg Conference in Berlin on January 11 and booked an info stall there to hand out WBW material, which was then followed by the
Luxemburg/Liebknecht demonstration on January 12.

In March, the chapter managed the website for an initiative to oppose the Defender 2020 NATO War Rehearsals on Russia’s Border, publishing the call to action in both German and English. The letter garnered nearly 7,000 signatories from around the world and was delivered to the Embassy of the Russian Federation in Berlin.

The chapter participated in numerous actions in Berlin throughout the year, including a virtual Easter Peace Event on April 11, Stop Killer drones events on May 11 and October 9, an August 8 commemoration of the bombings of Hiroshima/Nagasaki, the
International Uranium Film Festival from October 15-18, a “Unblock Cuba” protest on December 12, a weekly “Hands Off Venezuela” protest, and many more.

The chapter also published numerous articles, letters, and web campaigns, including
a “Letter from Berlin: International Solidarity and the Corona-crisis! Call for a Global Ceasefire,”
“An Open Letter to Stop the Demonization of Russia,”
and “An International Statement of Solidarity with the Anti-Racist U.S. Rebellions.”

Looking ahead to 2021, the chapter is co-organizing a World BEYOND War billboard campaign in Berlin with the message “Nukes are now illegal! Now get them out of Germany.” to coincide with when the Treaty for the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons enters into force.

Read the annual report of activities around the world an take a look at the structure of this organisation.