NATO must finally get out of Afghanistan – Press Release by Heike Haensel, February 17, 2021

“The meeting of the defense ministers of the NATO countries is again under the extremely bad omen of the expansion of war missions, war maneuvers and more armaments expenditure. The federal government must reject the demands for an increase in the defense budget, the stationing of further NATO units in the member states bordering on Russia, new war technologies and, above all, the extension of the deployment in Afghanistan. The Afghanistan mission has failed after almost 20 years; if the troops stay longer, the country will only get more war. The Bundeswehr must be withdrawn from Afghanistan ”, says Heike Hänsel, deputy chairman of the DIE LINKE parliamentary group. The foreign policy officer continues:

“Even with the new Biden administration, NATO is relying on aggressive policies towards China and Russia. This is not a contribution to more peace and security, but undermines international cooperation and fuels global arms spending. DIE LINKE therefore demands the exit from the military structures of NATO and in no case the implementation of the strategy ‚NATO 2030‘. „

Press Release by Heike Haensel, Member of the German Parliament (DIE LINKE)