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12. Februar 2021

Der ehemalige Geheimdienstkoordinator unter Bundeskanzler Kohl, Bernd Schmidbauer, hat sich laut eigener Aussage mit Ex-Wirecard-Vorstand Jan Marsalek in dessen Münchner Villa getroffen. (Fefe)

12. Februar 2021

Bundesregierung muss Kritik an Atomwaffenverbotsvertrag revidieren (Telepolis)

Abkommen widerspricht nicht dem Kontrollregime der IAEO. Deutschland lehnt Vertrag dennoch ab und besteht auf Stationierung von Nato-Nuklearwaffen.

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12. Februar 2021

Moskau hat Faxen dicke. Außenminister Lawrow droht EU mit Abbruch der Beziehungen. Kontrastprogramm zu Putins Kooperationsangebot (junge Welt)

12. Februar 2021

Ecuadors Linke ist zurück. Die Stichwahl steht noch aus, doch nach vier Jahren Neoliberalismus zeigt der Kurs nach links. Welche Politik ist von Andrés Arauz zu erwarten? (amerika21)

12. Februar 2021

Appeal for the fast approval of Russian, Chinese and Cuban vaccines and drugs to fight Covid-19 around the world. We urgently need international cooperation and solidarity!

We are calling for the fastest possible approval of Russian, Chinese and Cuban vaccines and drugs in the worldwide fight against Covid-19. 

After the first reports about Sputnik V, a promising vaccine from Russia months ago, and reports of the successful launch of chinese vaccines, the calls for these possible solutions in a global health-crisis are now getting louder. This is getting ever more important against the background of problems with vaccine supplies in many countries.

Even the western media are now increasingly publishing positive reports about the Sputnik V vaccine, especially after the publication of a study in the prestigious journal Lancet. There are also numerous positive reports about Chinese vaccines, after initially mostly negative reviews had been published in the western media.  

We are hereby demanding that production capacities and import licences for Russian and Chinese vaccines should be provided on the fastest possible terms. The health interests of the populations in western countries must not also suffer and being instrumentalized in an ongoing geopolitical power struggle. In the context of the dramatic escalation of tensions between the USA, NATO countries and their allies vis-à-vis Russia, China and other countries, intensive cooperation could perhaps even help to ease this very dangerous situation.

According to a study, the results of which have now been published in the scientific journal Lancet, Sputnik V achieved a high protective effect of 91.6%. Serious illnesses were completely prevented and safety problems did not appear to have arisen. Similar results have been reported about chinese vaccines.

Sputnik V has so far been registered in 15 countries and is partly manufactured under license. A possible collaboration with pharmaceutical companies is also emerging in some countries. The russian vaccine, which is given in two doses, is said to cost less than ten dollars per dose. Vaccination is free for Russian citizens. Chinese vaccines, also being sold for affordable prices or even distributed for free, are also used successfully in many countries. Billions of doses of the russian and chinese vaccines are expected to be produced in the coming year.

Russia, China and Cuba have provided massive aid to many countries since the beginning of the Covid-19 crisis. Aid that was hardly recognized in the West. Indeed, despite the extraordinary efforts made by these countries to develop vaccines and medicines, the reaction in western media was mostly defamation and blame.

Cuba’s medical brigades have travelled to many countries affected by the virus and have even been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize. Russia did send aid flights with hundreds of military doctors, virologists and epidemiologists to numerous countries. In addition to medicines, relief supplies, special equipment and emergency hospitals were sent. Medical teams and advisors from the Chinese Red Cross provided assistance in a number of countries. China’s aid supplies included millions of masks, large quantities of ventilators and, most recently vaccines.

As partners of the non-aligned movement, of which Cuba is a member, Russia and China have always emphasized the importance of peaceful international cooperation and consequently they delivered aid to the regions hardest hit by the Covid-19.

In this spirit of international solidarity vaccines and medicines are being delivered to other countries at very reasonable prices or even free of charge. Western states, on the other hand, continued their sanctions policy against countries such as Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Iran and Syria even at the height of this global crisis.

In most western countries, on the other hand, a strategy based on selfishness and profit interests was adopted during this pandemic. In particular, private pharmaceutical companies and service providers were able to benefit extremely from the health crisis.

It is extremely regrettable that state subsidies were not tied to conditions and that the research results were not made available to the general public, so that manufacturers worldwide could reproduce effective means.

In the meantime, non-governmental organizations in numerous countries are also demanding that Covid-19 vaccines produced in the West be made available worldwide in sufficient quantities and at affordable prices. Comprehensive transparency is required with regard to test data, production costs, financial investments in vaccines and the proportion of public funding. It is also required that companies undertake efforts not to assert their intellectual property, but to share it with qualified manufacturers through open licensing.

The massive negative effects on health systems worldwide, especially in poorer countries, must be actively addressed.
Many are now convinced that public support must go hand in hand with an obligation to give people around the world access to the Covid-19 vaccines.

That is why we are demanding the fastest possible worldwide approval for Russian, Chinese and Cuban vaccines and drugs to combat Covid-19. Vaccines should ultimately become global commons. They need to belong to all of humanity. A global pandemic can only be overcome globally. We need international solidarity in this crisis.

Appell für eine zügige weltweite Zulassung für russische, chinesische und kubanische Impfstoffe und Medikamente zur Bekämpfung von Covid-19. Für internationale Zusammenarbeit und Solidarität!

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