Press release Attac Germany on Drones debate: US veterans warn: Arming drones is not only „unnecessary and unethical, it also exposes German soldiers to greater danger.“ „Don’t make the same mistakes as we do!“

Press release
Attac Germany
Frankfurt am Main, December 11, 2020

* Drones debate: „Don’t make the same mistakes as we do!“

* US veterans warn: Arming drones is not only „unnecessary and unethical, it also exposes German soldiers to greater danger.“

The globalization-critical network Attac calls on the German government to stop all drone arming plans by the Defense Ministry and finally go into detail to deal with the ethical dimensions of the use of armed drones.

+ Drone campaign organized Discussion between SPD MPs and veterans of the US drone program

Members of the SPD parliamentary group were confronted for the first time last week with testimonies from two critical veterans of the US drone program in Afghanistan: Lisa Ling and Cian Westmoreland warned the parliamentarians * Inside, it is insistent that arming a drone can transform it from a defensive surveillance tool into a device of terror. The German Parliament (Bundestag) must „now make the ethical decision not to arm drones at this time,“ they appealed to the MPs.

Lisa Ling is already in Germany from the award-winning documentary supported by Attac National Bird known.

The non-public online conversation with the two veterans was organized by Attac activist Elsa Rassbach in cooperation with the drone campaign that she co-founded. The occasion of the event was the current debate in the SPD on the subject. (Overview: aktuelles / resistance- gegen-kampfdrohnen-aus-der-spd ).

Karl-Heinz Brunner, member of the Defense Committee and reporter of the SPD parliamentary group for the areas of air force and arms control, forwarded the invitation to all members of his parliamentary group, several of whom took part in the conversation. The Statements of the two veterans summarized in a report were also the subject of discussion on Monday in the parliamentary group meeting of the SPD uebersetzung-arguments -gegen-drhnenbewaffnung -lisa-ling- and-cian-westmoreland ).

+ To protect German soldiers?

In their report, the two veterans emphasize that the armament of drones is not necessary for the protection of German soldiers. „Putting the missiles on a ground-based platform, not an armed drone, would be more effective in protecting your own soldiers. The target could still be from one unarmed surveillance drone. That does not arouse hatred and the desire for retaliation like an armed drone that hovers overhead for days, „they write.

The US experience shows that the use of armed drones does not protect US soldiers from imminent dangers like that Suicide bombings protect, which is why the USA also kill „suspects“ „for self-protection.“

The Defense and Budget Committee is expected to decide on December 16 whether Bundeswehr drones may be armed . Elsa Rassbach appeals to the MPs: „The constantly lurking killer drones mean a permanent threat to both hearing and is visible. For children who want to play outside. For parents who pick up their children from school and for wedding celebrations. Is this the menacing and ugly face that Germany wants to present to the poorer populations of the world? „

Note for media representatives

The two US veterans Lisa Ling and Cian Westmoreland are available for interviews (in English). If interested for a contact and other documents please contact :

* Elsa Rassbach, Tel. 0170 738 1450,

Press release as PDF: drones-statements-us-veteranen


* Letter from Lisa Ling to the Bundestag (English):
https: //link.attac .de / letter- to-the-bundestag-lisa-ling

* Letter from Cian Westmoreland to the Bundestag (English): to-the-bundestag-cian- westmoreland

* Arguments against arming drones by Lisa Ling and Cian Westmoreland (original and translation ): arguments-against-arming- drones-lisa-ling-and-cian- westmoreland uebersetzung-argumente- gegen- dronenbewaffnung -lisa-ling – und-cian-westmoreland

* Short biography Lisa Ling (English): ling-kurzbio-foto-englisch

* Short biography Cian Westmoreland (English): / cian-westmoreland-kurzbio-foto- englischpress photos (free use):

* Photo Lisa Ling: lisa-ling

* Photo Cian Westmoreland: foto- cian-westmoreland

* Photo Elsa Rassbach: elsa-rassbach
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