August 1, 2020: The “Freedom Day” was actually the “Pied Piper’s Day” / No more playing down of #Corona ! – We call for an end to Brazil’s Covid-19 policy and genocide policy! Fora Bolsonaro! Frente Unido America Latina

by Heinrich Bücker, Coop Anti-War Cafe Berlin

This weekend our approximately 80th Unido America Latina rally took place. Under the title #HaendewegvonVenezuela

Since February 2019, we have been regularly every Saturday either at the Brandenburg Gate or, like yesterday, on August 1 at Potsdamer Platz.

We protest in solidarity with the progressive forces in Latin America. In support of Evo Morales, Nicolas Maduro, Cuba and Nicaragua and for the progressive forces in Brazil, Peru, Chile, and Ecuador.

Stop Brazil’s genocide policy

under Bolsonaro and Mourão
This Saturday we had to switch our protest to Potsdamer Platz because of the big demonstration „Freedom Day“. Tens of thousands of people had traveled to Berlin from all over Germany; to demonstrate for an end to the corona restrictions, against the mask requirement, against hygiene regulations. Against the „fear and scaremongering“ with which the powerful of the world supposedly want to control us all. And woldwide.

Celebrities in the scene propagated these theories, and because rightwingers are also included, one can clearly state that the movement is open to the right.

At the same time, it is objectively simply wrong to call all participants or sympathizers of the demo right, fascist or even Nazis. No, unfortunately there are a lot of young people, many of whom you could almost call hippies, many people who want peace, many people who simply feel attracted to the movement’s pied pups. People who are wrapped up by them because they don’t have any more trsut in MSM. The media that has actually lied to them so often, again and again.


Pied pipers are known to be booming in times of crisis. This can also be seen in the title of the demonstration on August 1st in Berlin which had the title: „Freedom Day“. This was originally the title of a Nazi propaganda film by Leni Riefenstahl about a Nazi Party rally of the NSDAP.

But to emphasize again, the emotions are set by pied piper trying to move masses into a certain direction. The mass itself is very heterogeneous and feels addressed by different tones, such as the key words „peace, freedom or truth“. That sounds very good to many at first.

For others, certain triggerwords are set so that they can dock – such as the title of the event – such as the names of the speakers, including stars of right-wing populists – representatives of the right populist party AFD, anti-communist contributions by the video platforms – and many anti-left statements – and again and again the negation the right / left paradigm.

According to an article in the Tagesspiegel newspaper in Berlin, a press spokesman for the Stuttgart initiative “Querenken 711” warned, for example, that the German government wanted to introduce communism in the context of the Corona crisis.

Medical expertise is used, such as the one by Dr. Wodarg, who blatantly claims that China helped to organize this corona fake from the very start.

It is also claimed that patients were deliberately killed by ventilation just because hospitals and doctors wanted to make profits.

We also have the key progressive door-openers such as Ken Jebsen’s video format, which massively promotes the movement, and we have numerous video platforms that are gradually propagating to the right, as well as the AFD networks. The total audience is in the millions. And this is confirmed by MSM.

The latest campaign of these networks is to classify the corona crisis as a worldwide conspiracy. That has opened up millions of new followers. Many people are extremely unsettled by the crisis. Yesterday’s “Freedom Day” was a preliminary highlight for the movement.

At the same time large parts of the left fail, as they did yesterday, when, for example, they spread the number of 17,000 demonstrators. Actually the number was way way higher.

Unfortunately, this is how they spread simple false messages. It is also wrong if they generally refer to the demonstrators as Nazis, right-wingers, extremists or even fascists.

In addition, the left-hand movement has no noteworthy video medium to counter this open-right movement. This is a real disaster. And still some even fatally approve or defend platforms like KenFM.

Above all, we must not use young people to send false messages and insults that drive Nazis even further into the arms of media pied fishers.

As part of our weekly rally, Frente Unido America Latina, we distanced ourselves from these „corona trivializers“ in a recent statement.

Yesterday, Saturday, our Brazilian friend Edleuza took a very impressive stand on what was going on in Brazil.

It is there that Brazilian President Bolsonaro lies, manipulates and divides in a very similar way. He also claims that the Covid-19 pandemic is a fake. He usually wears no mask. Tens of thousands of Brazilians have died, as in other Latin American countries, such as Peru and Bolivia. Bolsonaro is accountable for these dead, as is U.S. President Trump.

The efforts of countries like Cuba, China and Russia must always be brought to the forefront.



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Most of the nurses in the world die from coronavirus in Brazil. In addition, many Covid 19 nurses in Rio de Janeiro were not paid for weeks. Norbert Suchanek

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