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1. Juli 2020

VIDEO: US-Blockade gegen Kuba: 60 Texte gegen 60 Jahre

1. Juli 2020

Stop Bolsonaro‘ | Mounting COVID-19 deaths prompt nationwide protests

1. Juli 2020

June 27, 2020 Cuba-Solidarity Berlin: Public Reading of 60 Texts against 60 Years of Blockade


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The event was organized by the Berlin Peace Coordination and the Freundschaftsgesellschaft Berlin-Kuba e. V.

As early as 1960, US President Dwight D. Eisenhower imposed the blockade against Cuba that continues to this day. It was expanded year after year. In 1962 Kennedy declared it to be US law. In 1992 there was a drastic tightening up with the Torricelli Act 1 , in 1996 with the Helms-Burton Act another one (both under Bill Clinton) 2 . By 2019, however, all presidents would not implement sections 3 and 4 of this law. These sections are now used under Donald Trump.

Interview with Jutta Kausch-Henken

US-Blockade gegen Kuba: 60 Texte gegen 60 Jahre

Today, the United States is using the corona crisis to destabilize Cuba by stopping deliveries including needed medicines, drastically restricting money transfers from relatives and putting pressure on the “international community” to take part in these shameful actions. Nevertheless, Cuba’s doctors are helping in heavily affected countries like Italy.

In protest against the inhumane measures that have been damaging the Cuban people for 60 years and enormously constraining their self-determined development, and out of solidarity with the people of Cuba, we are holding a public reading on Saturday, June 27, 2020 on Pariser Platz near the US Embassy .

With our event we would like to express our appreciation and solidarity for Cuba. A country that does not bend and perseveres in the face of pressure and subversion on the part of the United States and all countries (which reject this illegal blockade in the UN General Assembly every year, but still share it for fear of the US punishment) sticks to go his own way.

kubasoli27 gegen-60-jahre-blockade-am-27-juni-2020


1. Juli 2020

Jetzt ist es beschlossene Sache: Pentagon bereitet Teilabzug aus Deutschland vor (RT Deutsch)

Selbst als US-Präsident Donald Trump bestätigt hatte, dass die Berichte eines möglichen Teilabzugs der US-Streitkräfte aus Deutschland korrekt sind, hoffte man hierzulande, dass es eine leere Drohung bleibt. Jetzt wurde ein entsprechender Plan des Pentagons genehmigt.

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1. Juli 2020

Caracas reicht’s. Venezuela weist EU-Botschafterin nach Verhängung neuer Strafmaßnahmen aus. Spanien offenbar in gescheiterte Söldnerinvasion verstrickt (junge Welt)

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