The US military machine in Europe is picking up speed again: Stop ‚Atlantic Resolve‘ and ‚Defender Europe 2020 plus‘ immediately! (THE LEFT. Kathrin Vogler)

The US Army announced a few hours ago that it will carry out the upcoming exchange of its troops under „Operation Atlantic Resolve“ in June, despite the risks of the corona pandemic, and that the military deployment „Defender Europe 2020“ should also be modified Kathrin Vogler appeals to the federal government to immediately stop US military activity.

„Atlantic Resolve“ is not a military exercise, but has been the core strategy of the „European deterrent initiative“ since the beginning of 2017, with which the US government aims to construct a new east-west line of confrontation. The US troops rotate every nine months to circumvent the two-plus-four treaty, in which NATO assured Russia in 1990 not to permanently deploy combat troops to the Russian borders in the new NATO countries. The last rotation of „Atlantic Resolve“ took place in October 2019. Apparently the new contingent change is now being used to carry out the „Allied Spirit“ maneuver, which was originally planned as part of the huge military deployment „Defender Europe 2020“ (DEF20) for May,

Kathrin Vogler: “The US Army announces a ‚DEFENDER-Europe 20 Plus‘ and will land in the next few weeks with 4,000 soldiers, over 2,000 tanks, howitzer tanks and up to 2,000 other military vehicles and equipment in Belgium, the Netherlands or even a German North Sea port and then move troops and military equipment across Germany to the Drawsko Pomorskie military training area in Poland . From June 5 to 19, the war exercise ‚Allied Spirit‘ will then be carried out with 2,000 Polish soldiers. The intermediate station set up for the DEF20 mega-military march on the Bergen-Hohne military training area for passing soldiers and the equipment of an entire tank brigade combat team is to be used again when the US troops march through and will also be the military supply stores in Rhineland-Palatinate and North Rhine-Westphalia rescheduled. “

Kathrin Vogler concludes: „While the world, Europe, while we are all facing the deadly risks and dramatic social and economic repercussions of the corona pandemic, we must be shocked to see how quickly the US military aircraft, supported by NATO, is picking up speed again despite the acute pandemic danger. The U.S. military is also announcing other major international maneuvers in the Baltic Sea region, the Balkans and the Black Sea for the next few months. The U.S. was preparing for war with Russia with ‚Atlantic Resolve‘ and ‚Defender Europe 2020 plus‘ provocations. This aggressive threat policy must be stopped! While the civilian population in Europe is massively restricted in their freedom of movement, the military convoys have free travel on all roads – this is completely unbearable! I expect the federal government to stop these war games! „