Brief aus Berlin an die Bevölkerung Russlands – unterzeichnet von mehr als 2000 Menschen in Deutschland und 7000 Menschen aus den USA und anderen Ländern – Verlesen am sowjetischen Ehrendenkmal im Tiergarten, anlässlich des 75. Jahrestags der Befreiung von Faschismus und Krieg

Der hier verlesene  Brief von Laura v. Wimmersperg wurde am 7. März veröffentlicht und von mehr als 2000 Menschen in Deutschland und fast 7000 Menschen aus den USA unterzeichnet. Ein Ausdruck internationaler Solidarität in diesem Jahr voller Herausforderungen und Hoffnung.


In den USA heißt es in der englischsprachigen Version des Aufrufs: „As citizens of the world, we all support this letter, written by Laura v. Wimmersperg in Berlin“. „Als Bürger dieser Welt, unterstützen wir alle diesen Brief, verfasst von Laura v. Wimmersperg in Berlin.“

Open letter from Berlin to the Russian population

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The large-scale maneuver “Defender 2020” by NATO countries, which started on the western border of your country and was temporarily suspended due to the corona crisis, with the participation of Germany and led by the United States, is reason enough for us to address this letter to you.

We see this gigantic war exercise as irresponsible provocation, which puts a strain on the relationship between our countries and increases the tensions that already exist.

75 years after the liberation of Europe from fascism and the victorious end of the war by the Red Army, German soldiers are again at the Russian border. At the same time, the memories of Nazi crimes will be particularly present in the minds of people at the commemorative events and victory celebrations east of the maneuver line.

We are aware of the great sacrifices made by your people, the peoples of the Soviet Union in the fight against German fascism. Let us not forget: 27 million citizens of the Soviet Union fell victim to the war of predation and annihilation of inconceivable cruelty that had begun by fascist Germany.

It is important to us to let you know that we reject war. We condemn military provocations like this maneuver on your country’s western border. We also oppose any new attempts to fake World War II history. We see this as an attempt to justify the aggressive policies against the Russian Federation.

In our city, but also everywhere in the country, especially along the transport routes that were made available to the maneuver, groups and initiatives are formed that network with each other. They are working to resist the maneuver and inform our fellow citizens about the confrontational politics of the NATO countries.

We see our neighbor in Russia. We want to live in peace with you. That’s what we stand for.

Laura v. Wimmersperg