The Left (Die Linke) calls for US troop withdrawal from Germany

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Foreign Affairs / Request – November 21, 2019 (hib 1156/2019)

Berlin:The faction of The Left (Die Linke) in german parliament is campaigning for a withdrawal of the US Army from Germany.  „More than 35,000 US soldiers are stationed in Germany, more than in any other country in Europe,“ it says in a motion (19/14152).

„Its presence is incompatible with the peace requirement of the German Constitution. US bases in Germany play an important role in the US war policy in the Middle East, coordinating the deployment of US land forces around Iran, carrying out troop transports and helicopter transits and becoming the practice of targeted killings in violation of international law continued in Pakistan and Afghanistan by the US.“

In addition, the local US troop presence will be used to escalate tensions with Russia, the deputies are arguing and call on the Federal Government, to terminate the Treaty on the Residence of Foreign Armed Forces in the Federal Republic under point 3 of the Agreement of the Parties of September 25, 1990 and the NATO Troops Statute in accordance with Article XIX and thereby obtain that all foreign troops leave Germany.

In addition, the federal government of Germany should declare the withdrawal from the nuclear part of NATO and work towards the immediate withdrawal of US nuclear bombs. From now on, according to the will of the deputies no further funds should be provided for the alimentation of foreign military in the Federal Republic.

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