Drop All Charges Against Venezuelan Embassy Protectors!

Criminal Division, National Security Section
Washington DC


I request that you drop all charges against the four Venezuelan Embassy Protectors — Kevin Zeese, Margaret Flowers, Adrienne Pine and David Paul. The four did not violate any U.S. or international law during their 37-day stay in the Venezuelan Embassy in Washington DC. Their stay in the Venezuelan Embassy building was with full permission of the legitimate, elected Government of Venezuela, as recognized by the United Nations and its Charter.

I believe it is the United States Government that has violated the UN Charter by unlawfully raiding and transferring the control of the Venezuelan Embassy to an unauthorized opposition group in Venezuela that has little support among the people of that country.

I don’t think that the charge of „interfering with the protective functions of of the state“ can be legitimately applied to this case, and if abusively applied, it will open the door to any foreign government or entity to do the same with the United States diplomatic premises anywhere in the world.

For the sake of respecting international law and protecting the United States embassies around the world, I request that all charges against the four Embassy Protectors be dropped immediately!


Heinrich  Buecker
Berlin, Germany
Coop Anti-War Cafe

CC: Embassy Protectors Defense Committee

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