Final Declaration of the 3rd International Conference „No to Military Bases and Wars“ – Peacecamp Steinwenden, Germany on June 28, 2019

At the 3rd International Conference „No to Military Bases & Wars“ on 28.6.2019 in the Steinwenden Peace Camp, the following final declaration was unanimously supported by the Anti-NATO campaign (supported by international signatories and organizations from Ireland, Italy, Japan, USA, France, Belgium, Chile, Venezuela, Austria, Switzerland, Serbia … and about 130 German signatories).

Signatories were Reiner Braun, Pat Elder, Claudia Haydt, Kristine Karch, Karl-Heinz Peil, Alain Rouy, Werner Ruf, Dave Webb, Lucas Wirl. Ann Wright and Claudia Haydt were not present.


„Our attitude towards war is irrevocable, which is why we personally and politically – using only peaceful and non-violent methods – reject the planned war by the US and some of its NATO allies against Iran and Venezuela. The command structures at Ramstein Air Base play a central role in the possible war against Iran and for this reason there should be no support for Ramstein’s illegal war against Iran.

At this conference, we reaffirm our rejection of US Air Base Ramstein. We call on the Federal Government of Germany and the German Bundestag to terminate the Treaty on the Residence of Foreign Armed Forces in the Federal Republic of Germany – the Military Bases Agreement – in order to eliminate all US and NATO bases and nuclear weapons. This would also allow the closure of Ramstein Air Base within 24 months. Nonetheless, civilian workplaces need to be backed up by a comprehensive transition plan that must meet the trade union requirements.

The US Air Base in Ramstein is the central foreign military base, but only one of around 1,000 worldwide. Our goal is to achieve the closure of all these bases. This would be a significant contribution to world peace, but also to the protection of our environment and our climate. It is a political scandal that no international climate deal underscores the destructive role of the military in threatening and destroying our environment. The military is a climate killer. Disarmament and dismantling of all military bases means active climate protection.

There are nearly 1,000 military bases worldwide. With military spending well over a trillion euros and a confrontation with Russia, the NATO countries are at the center of militarism and represent the central threat to peace in today’s world. Peace and global justice are incompatible with the global military alliance of NATO.

For these reasons, we strongly support the activities of the international network „No to War – No to NATO“. Since 2009, this network has been working to delegitimize NATO. Together with the British peace movement, the international network is organizing counteractions against the next NATO summit in London in December: a counter summit, demonstrations and other protests are currently being planned.

We reaffirm the network’s central demand for the dissolution of NATO in accordance with national conditions and urge the governments of NATO member states to withdraw from NATO.

We will continue our activities against all foreign military bases and continue the tradition of meetings in Ramstein, Baltimore, Dublin and Florence. We will also expand our networking. That’s why we’ll meet again. In Ramstein 2020. Until then, let’s prepare an international day of action against foreign military bases in April / May 2020. And let’s try to involve more anti-militarist grassroots groups. „

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