Iranischer Geheimdienst will 17 CIA-Agenten enttarnt haben – Iranian Documentary Reveals How CIA Recruited Agents, Sent Equipment to Assets in Iran (Video)

Teheran hat 17 Iraner festgenommen, die für den US-Geheimdienst CIA gearbeitet haben sollen. Das teilte die Agentur Tasnim unter Verweis auf den iranischen Geheimdienst mit.

Earlier Monday, Iranian media confirmed that a major cyber-espionage ring run by US intelligence had been uncovered and dismantled, with some 17 CIA-trained spies said to have been identified, some receiving long prison sentences while military personnel got the death penalty for treason.

Iranian television has aired a Farsi language documentary detailing CIA operations in Iran, including a clip showing one alleged CIA officer in the United Arab Emirates trying to recruit an unidentified Iranian.

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