All out this weekend. End the Wars at Home and Abroad No War on Iran, No U.S. Coup in Venezuela, End Sanctions Now

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An alliance led by the United States and supported by most states of the European Union, including Germany, has set itself the goal of overthrowing President Nicolás Maduro’s democratically elected government, in violation of international law.

The policy of this alliance relies on the most reactionary politicians of the opposition in Venezuela. The policy focuses on the effects of economic, trade and financial blockade and sanctions. Examples include the closure of Venezuelan accounts and gold reserves and the illegal acquisition of Venezuelan property abroad. This policy of destabilization is directly targeting the Venezuelan people and is causing great suffering. This is a war crime under the Geneva Convention.

The Berlin Alliance „Hands off Venezuela“ is therefore protesting every Saturday since February at the Brandenburg Gate.
This Saturday as an expression of international solidarity with performances of the Russian dance ensemble „Nastjenka“.
Although the title of our event is „Hands off Venezuela“ we are protesting also in international solidarity against the western policy of aggression against Iran, Yemen, Syria, Iraq and other nations.
We are calling for a policy of peace and coooperation with Russia and China and all other countries.