Averting a US war with Iran (popularresistance.org)

Trump backed down because any attack on Iran could lead to an escalation the US could not control and a war that would be very costly to the US which the US cannot win. Iran has known war with the US has been coming for a long time and is prepared, not only the Strait of Hormuz but in multiple parts of the region, has built alliances with Russia and China as well as relationships with Europe and other key countries. The US would be taking on an expensive and losing effort that would cost trillions of dollars.
There is a path to peace. Trump will not lead on that path unless he is pushed by the people. With the 2020 election cycle beginning, the people have more power to change the course of Middle East policy. With conflict between the US and Iran at high levels, the peace movement must escalate its efforts. If we do war with Iran can be avoided and a positive path of peace can be created.
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