Is it John Bolton or Tucker Carlson who has Trump’s ear on Iran? (RT)

As tensions with Iran threaten to spill over into war, the big question is who has sway over President Donald Trump, his hawkish advisers or a cautious Fox News host, and the answer might make all the difference.
According to the Washington Post, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is drawing his own “red lines” on Iran, while National Security Advisor John Bolton controls what Trump sees and hears, insulating the president from opinions different from his hard-line position when it comes to dealing with Tehran.
Meanwhile, the Daily Beast claims that it’s Tucker Carlson who actually has Trump’s ear when it comes to Iran. The prime-time Fox News host, who once supported George W. Bush’s attack on Iraq, has renounced that position and become an outspoken critic of US military adventurism.
His show bills itself as the “sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink” and Carlson frequently brings up Trump’s promise to withdraw from “endless wars” in the Middle East. 
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