The Daily „Times of India“ features a Photo Exhibition by Ashish Birulee, displayed at International Uranium Film Festival, 2019 at Museum of Art in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Here in Berlin we are proud to announce the return of the International Uranium Film Festival for 2020.

Meanwhile our friend Ashish Birulee from India wrote us:

The Times of India featured a photo exhibition which was held at the International Uranium Film Festival, 2019 at the Museum of Art in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Back in 2013 it was International Uranium Film Festival that gave me platform and exposure which led me to more international exhibitions. Special thanks to Debjani Chakraborty and Kundan Kumar Choudhary for their continuous support and also thanks to International Uranium Film Festival Shri Prakash Marcia Gomes de Oliveira Norbert Suchanek Suman Sunny Sundi and the man who has inspired me to begin all these is none other than my father Ghanshyam Birulee. I am so encouraged to have you all in my life.