Venezuela: Diplomacy Under Siege (Embassy Protection Collective)

via mail from Kevin Zeese:

This brief video puts forward a well-researched and explained perspective on the siege at the DC Venezuela embassy that I was unaware of. The takeover of the DC Embassy was part of a strategy being used in multiple countries by the coup plotters (which includes the US in the lead) of trying to take over Venezuelan embassies. Our Embassy Protection Collective is included at the end of the video. As we have been in the embassy for over a month, we were unaware of many of these embassy attacks that happened, some of which while we were in the DC embassy.

The Venezuelan coup has failed in Venezuela where the opposition cannot win elections or execute a coup. People are not joining their attempted takeover and even those who supported the fictional president Juan Guaido (inside and out of the country) are losing confidence in him. The US and coup plotters need takeovers of embassies to keep the coup attempt alive. The takeover of the US embassy by a fictional ambassador of this failed coup was essential to their attempt to resuscitate the failed coup. We continue to push for a solution under international law that has been used since the time of Genghis Khan and is now included in the Vienna Convention, mutual Protecting Power Agreements. See

Our next court date is this Friday at 9:30. We will be sending out updates this weekend.

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