US war with Iran would be a disaster with ripple effects that ‘could last decades’ (RT)

The situation around Iran has been cranked up to fever pitch, and another American war in the Middle East seems just around the corner – a war that spells devastation for both the region and Trump’s presidency, analysts believe.
The US is allegedly mulling a war plan against Iran with 120,000 troops potentially involved, according to a recent New York Times report which cited unnamed officials. US President Donald Trump denied that his administration has been planning to send troops, but added that if they did, it would be “a hell of a lot more” than what the Times report suggested.

Nonetheless, Washington has been notching up war talk in recent days and weeks, with Secretary of State Mike Pompeo touring the world threatening Iran at every stop – at times even going out of the way to make these treats from more strategically-important spots, like Iraq.

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