Collage art by Samira Schäfer: Orient meets Occident. (World Beyond War)

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Sometimes sarcastic, almost cynical, but always provocative, Samira Schäfer refers to reality, cruelty, violence, the abundance of the consumer world – the screaming injustices – but always her humor shines through, mixed with sarcasm, and sometimes it is simply denouncing. She claims the right to judge. Her works creates tension, it provokes and composes.

Samira Schäfer grew up in Damascus, Syria, went to a French-language school there and then studied French literature. Since she was only briefly enrolled in the Damascus Academy of Arts, she describes herself as an autodidact. In her art, as well as later in her name, the centuries-long tensions between the Orient and the Occident are present. Unfortunately, the timeliness of this dichotomy is currently screaming. Samira Schäfer came to Berlin in 1969 and resumed her artistic work 20 years later. She has exhibited her art in Berlin, Paris, and New York, among other locations.

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