Venezuela Declaration: For compliance with international law and against disinformation by the German government and German media! (by Raina Zimmering)

(by Raina Zimmering)

Deklaration zum Venezuela-Konflikt
Für die Einhaltung des Völkerrechts und gegen Desinformation durch die deutsche Regierung und deutsche Medien!

We are citizens from the Federal Republic of Germany and from Europe; Latin Americans living in Europe and Europeans living in Latin America or other countries. The German politics in the Venezuela conflict and the disinformation of many German media concerns us very much and causes us to support the following declaration:

After the takeover by Hugo Chavez in the most oil-rich country in the world, the living conditions of the Venezuelan population, especially the lower classes, had improved noticeably. This has changed dramatically in recent years. Important causes for the worsening of the situation are the falling oil prices, a destructive sanctions policy by the USA and other western states, an economic war by western countries and by the big capital and a „low intensity war“ of the USA with the goal of „regime change“.

Venezuela’s pensions-based and distribution-oriented social system was unable to establish adequate counterstrategies against these subversion strategies and is increasingly acting with emergency regulations and special political measures to cope with the long-term crisis in the country. The US-initiated self-proclamation of President Juan Guaidó in January of 2019 as President of the Republic finally led to a split in the country and an extreme escalation of the political and economic crisis.

Measures of the „regime change“ and international actions contrary to international law after the self-proclamation of Guaidó were enforced, like the threats of a military intervention by the USA, the diplomatic recognition of Juan Guaidó as legitimate president by a number of western states.

Next came the demands of the USA and European states of an immediate call for presidential elections in Venezuela, ultimatums against the Venezuelan military by President Donald Trump, illegal and illegal international „humanitarian aid“, which was interwoven with political objectives, and intimidation of the population by acts of violence by the opposition (street battles and the murder of passers-by)

After this did not work the U.S. and its right-wing allies in Latin America are now threatening to completely paralyze the country in order to enforce the „regime change“.

The over-all reasoning of the western states to put an end to the „suffering“ of the Venezuelan people, now turns into its opposite and reveals the true face of the anti-Maduro coalition.

The suffering of the Venezuelan population is currently being sharpened to the extreme by the tightened subversion and sanctioning strategies. Food and drug shortages, blackouts, and water shortages are a major feature of Venezuelan life, although they are mitigated by special aid operations by the Maduro government and relief efforts by the UN, Russia, other governments, and solidarity actions from around the world.

In order to facilitate the life situation of the Venezuelan people, to achieve an adequate solution of the conflict in the sense of international law, in particular the right of self-determination of the Venezuelan people and to realize the right of the German public to truthful and comprehensive information, we demand the German government and the majority of the German media,

1) to clarify the true causes of the conflict in Venezuela, which includes not only the systemic deficits in Venezuela, but the conflict of interests over who has the power over the huge oil reserves and the different views on the social model to be taken.

2) to clarify the real majority in the Venezuelan people and prevent one-sided reporting. Thus, only information is disseminated, which show the Guaidó supporters, but not the support of the Venezuelan population for the Maduro government, which can point to a still large following. The term „Venezuelan people“ used by the German government and German media refers only to the followers of Guaidó, is selective and excludes the other part of the population.

3) to make publicly known the findings of the „scientific service of the Bundestag“ and well-known experts on international law on the suspected illegal behavior in the recognition of the self-proclaimed transitional president, Juan Guaidó by the German government.

4) on the controversial biography of the self-proclaimed President Juan Guaidó, his allegiance to the most violent part of the opposition and decades of preparation as a „regime change cadre“ by the US, as revealed by US analysts.

5) to ask the question, why the German government sides with the US government of Donald Trump and right-wing Latin American governments such. Jair Bolsonaro in Brazil, on the Venezuela issue as an ally.

6) to counter the contradiction that Foreign Minister Heiko Maas is claiming to aim for a „peaceful solution“ in Venezuela but at the same time deepens the sanctions against Venezuela and represents a one-sided attitude in the conflict.

7) to prevent the dissemination of unused information about Venezuela or the concealment of facts. (Example: US humanitarian aid and its association with political goals)
to inform about humanitarian aid of the UN, Russia and other states to Venezuela on a legal basis under international law.

8) to clearly distance themselves from a possible US military intervention in Venezuela.

9) not unconditionally joining the „regime-change strategy“ of the United States with the danger of a military outcome with disastrous consequences for the Venezuelan people, but in the sense of the so-called. The Montevideo Process, initiated by Mexico and Uruguay, to act as a mediator between the Venezuelan conflict-parties and for the benefit of the entire Venezuelan people.

The way out of the deep crisis that Venezuelan society is going through must be on a peaceful, constitutional and international legal basis, serving the good of the entire Venezuelan people.

Among the initial signatories are people from all over Germany and Latin America.

Initial signatories:

Barreto, Rejane, Agraringeneurin
Dr. Bialluch, Christoph, Psychotherapeut
Bode, Elke, Sozialtherapeutin
Dr. phil. Braeuker, Savitri, Psychotherapeutin
Dr. Bruder-Bezzel, Almuth, Psychotherapeutin
Bücker, Heinrich, Coop Antikriegscafe Berlin
Dipl.-Ing. Bunckenburg, Stefan, Rentner
M.A. Diehl, Wiebke, Journalistin und wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin im Bundestag
Günter, Jürgen, Berlin
Dr. Eibl, Elfie-Marita, Historikerin
Dr. Eismann, Jörg, Politologe
Ersil, Annette, Politologin
Girle, Albrecht, z.Zt. Montevideo/Uruguay
Göldner, Kerstin, Malerin
Dr. Dipl. Psychol. Hermsen, Hans, Psychologe
Dr. Kehrmann, Detlef R., Professor der Philosoph/Soziologe BUAP Puebla, Mexiko
Privat. Doz. Dr. med. Köpp, Werner, Psychoanalytiker
Prof., Wolfgang, Politologe, Internationale Beziehungen
Lohan, Borgis, Soziologin, ehemalige Bibliothekarin des GI in Santiago/Chile, Santiago de Chile
Mertschenk, Gerhard, Dolmetscher/Übersetzer
Molitor, Günther
Dr. Muhr, Thomas, Politologe in Deutschland und in Portugal/Lissabon
Dr. Neu, Alexander S., MdB Die Linke
Neumann, Horst, Berlin, Diplomat, Botschafter a.D.
Neumann, Thomas, Fotografiker
Olhagaray, César, Wandmaler und Performancekünstler in Deutschland/Dresden und in Chile/Santiago
Pfeiffer, Otto, Diplomat, Botschafter a. D.
Pinkert, Ulrich, Businesscoach
Pinkert, Holm, Architekt
Prof. Dr. Porsch, Peter, Professor
Rump, Bernd, Dichter und Komponist
Dr. Schmidt, Klaus, Politologe
Prof. Dr. sc. oec. et Dr. phil. Schreiber, Winfried, Oberst a. D.
Schwarz, Regina, Diplom-Sozialarbeiterin
Sgonina, Alexander, Bildhauer
Stelzmann, Uli, Filmemacher
Dr. phil. habil. Thiel, Rainer
Prof. Dr. Voßkühler, Friedrich, Oberstudienrat im Ruhestand und entpflichteter außerplanmäßiger Professor der Philosophie an der TU Darmstadt
Warweg, Florian, Koordinator des Arbeitskreises Lateinamerika beim Parteivorstand DIE LINKE
Dipl. ök. Weber, Arnold, Ökonom
Weber, Ingrid, Industriekauffrau
Weber, Ina, Krankenschwester
Zanello de Aguiar, Guacira, Altenpflegerin in Deutschland/Berlin und Uruguay/Montevideo
Dr. Zurita Ochoa, Felix Aurelio, Soziologe und Anthropologe, Deutschland/Berlin, Mexiko
Zimmering, Esther, Dokumentarfilmregisseurin
Zimmering, David, Schauspieler
Dipl. Zimmering, Karl, Filmwissenschaftler
Dr. med Zimmering, Klaus Ronald, Arzt
Prof. Dr. Zimmering, Raina, Historikerin, Politologin und Soziologin
Dr. Zimmering, René, Chemiker

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