Venezuela-Statement by Bernd Riexinger, co-chair of DIE LINKE, the german Left Party: No military intervention by the US and its allies!

Bernd Riexinger is co-chairman of the Left Party.

The german left party DIE LINKE, like me, condemns interference in countries of Latin America, as is currently the case in Venezuela, particularly by the USA, but also by some EU states. You do not need to like the policies of the Maduro-government in order to take a clear position here.

The party DIE LINKE demands: No military intervention by the US and its allies! Only through dialogue a peaceful political solution to the conflict can be found, without outside interference, but by the Venezuelans themselves. DIE LINKE is committed to such a peaceful process. In the interest of the Venezuelan people, the economic, social and political crisis in Venezuela must be ended quickly. For this, the sanctions must be lifted. We call on all political forces in Venezuela to embark on the path of negotiated settlement. International law must be respected in all international conflicts and the sovereignty of the country’s legislation must be respected.


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