Trump’s war against Venezuela is reaching a boiling point. (Answer Coalition)

Trump’s war against Venezuela is reaching a boiling point. If Donald Trump and John Bolton have their way, the whole hemisphere will fall under the domination of the ultra right and fascism, paving the way for the destruction of working people’s livelihoods and unbridled looting by U.S. corporations of Latin America’s natural resources.

Venezuela is the front line of this struggle. Here in the United States, people from all across the country are preparing to do our part by mobilizing for the March 16 National March on the White House against war, sanctions and Trump’s coup in Venezuela. This crucial demonstration can only succeed with your support.

What the U.S. government seeks to carry out is old-style colonialism: Washington decides who the country’s president is, Wall Street decides who owns the country’s wealth. Just as it did in the lead-up to the Iraq War, the United States is employing economic warfare and information warfare as a prelude to a possible military assault. Through sanctions targeting key areas of the economy, as well as acts of sabotage like the one that targeted the crucial Guri hydroelectric dam yesterday, the Trump administration hopes to make life unbearable for the people of Venezuela. Once again, the corporate media and leading politicians from both the Democratic and Republican parties are seeking to deceive the people of the United States and conceal their true objectives in Venezuela.

We will stand up to this travesty on March 16 in front of the White House. Please do your part right now by making an urgently needed donation.Volunteers are working around the clock all over the country and people are coming at great distances and at great expense.

Brian Becker
National Director, ANSWER Coalition