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9. März 2019

MAD-Ermittlungen: Geheimdienst enttarnte mehr rechtsradikale Soldaten als bisher bekannt (Spiegel)

Der Militärische Abschirmdienst (MAD) hat in den vergangenen Jahren deutlich mehr rechte Soldaten enttarnt und für ihre Entlassung aus der Truppe gesorgt als bisher bekannt.

9. März 2019

NOTICIAS VENEZUELA, Sabotaje, 08 de Marzo 2019

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9. März 2019

Kundgebung Berlin 9.3.2019 – Hände weg von Venezuela – Brandenburger Tor

9. März 2019

Lügen für den Krieg. Mediale Manipulationen forcieren Krieg gegen Venezuela. – von John Pilger (Rubikon)

Was uns die Medien über Venezuela auftischen, sind größtenteils Lügen, sagt John Pilger, der das Land einst mit Hugo Chavez persönlich bereist hat. Er erzählt vom einfachen Volk, das unter Chavez und später unter Maduro zu nie gekannter Würde aufblühen konnte, das dankbar die Alphabetisierungskampagne, die freie Gesundheitsversorgung und Bildung annahm — und sich politisch wahrgenommen und ermächtigt fühlte. Ist davon etwas in den Medien zu hören? John Pilger zur Propaganda gegen Venezuela.

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9. März 2019

Venezuelan VP: Marco Rubio Behind Nation-Wide Blackout Sabotage

9. März 2019

Mexican Envoy to UN calls for Dialogue in Venezuela – cannot be ruled out in any situation,“ „we want to find a peaceful solution (…) will only come with peace and dialogue.“

The new ambassador of Mexico to the United Nations, Juan Ramon de la Fuente, presented his credentials Monday to the U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, and confirmed that his country is committed to dialogue to solve the situation in Venezuela, regardless of the attitude of the U.S. President Donald Trump.

„Regardless of what Donald Trump says today, Mexico’s position will not vary with respect to Venezuela, which is to leave the door open to dialogue, which cannot be ruled out in any situation,“ De la Fuente said and recalled that „we want to find a peaceful solution (…) because impositions, sanctions, are not the best way (…) The solution will only come with peace and dialogue.“

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9. März 2019

Attacks on Venezuela Lead to ‚Law of the Jungle,‘ China Warns (teleSUR)

„Each country’s internal affairs should be decided by its own people. External interference and sanctions will only exacerbate the tense situation, and allow the law of the jungle to once again run amok,“ Wang said and warned that “there’s already enough of such lessons from history, and the same old disastrous road should not be followed.“

The Chinese Minister also announced that China is willing to continue supporting the search for a political solution through peaceful dialogue between the Venezuelan government and the political opposition, in order to maintain the stability of the nation and the security of its people.

At his annual news conference Friday, China’s Foreign Minister, Wang Yi, stressed that his country favors the rules of international law, respect for the sovereignty of Venezuela and negotiations without foreign interference to peacefully resolve the situation of the South American country.

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9. März 2019

Chinas Außenminister Wang Yi warnt aufs Schärfste vor Einmischung in Venezuela „Geschichte hat uns oft genug gelehrt, dass dieser desaströse Weg nicht beschritten werden sollte.“

Bei Einmischung können „Gesetze des Dschungels“ in Kraft treten. Es könnte zu einem „Amoklauf“ kommen.

Auch die Sanktionen verurteile er. Jedes Land müsse allein über seine inneren Angelegenheiten entscheiden. „Die Geschichte hat uns oft genug gelehrt, dass dieser desaströse Weg nicht beschritten werden sollte.“

9. März 2019

U.S. Peace Council Venezuela Delegation Report back Call

Dear Friend of Peace and Justice,
The U.S. Peace Council has organized a Peace and Solidarity Delegation to Venezuela. The delegation, which includes 13 leaders of prominent peace, civil rights and women’s organizations in the United States and Canada, will be in Venezuela from March 10 to March 15.
The mission of the delegation is to convey the profound solidarity of the peace movement and the progressive people of the United States to the Venezuelan people, and to gather full range of concrete evidence about US manipulations, interference and sabotages against the Venezuelan government to be used in a nationwide campaign in the United States to expose the media distortions and lies that are aimed at misleading the American people.
In the morning of March 18, the delegation will hold a Press Conference at the United Nations to report back on its trip to Venezuela.
The U.S. Peace Council is also organizing a public conference call for the delegation to report back on its trip to Venezuela on March 18 at 7:00 PM.
We are inviting all defenders of peace, social justice, international law and national sovereignty to join us on this telephone conference.
The information for joining this call is provided below. You need to register in advance to join the call.
U.S. Peace Council Venezuela Delegation Report Back
When: Mar 18, 2019 7:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada) 
You can use this link to register in advance for this meeting:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
Thank you.
9. März 2019

Trump’s war against Venezuela is reaching a boiling point. (Answer Coalition)

Trump’s war against Venezuela is reaching a boiling point. If Donald Trump and John Bolton have their way, the whole hemisphere will fall under the domination of the ultra right and fascism, paving the way for the destruction of working people’s livelihoods and unbridled looting by U.S. corporations of Latin America’s natural resources.

Venezuela is the front line of this struggle. Here in the United States, people from all across the country are preparing to do our part by mobilizing for the March 16 National March on the White House against war, sanctions and Trump’s coup in Venezuela. This crucial demonstration can only succeed with your support.

What the U.S. government seeks to carry out is old-style colonialism: Washington decides who the country’s president is, Wall Street decides who owns the country’s wealth. Just as it did in the lead-up to the Iraq War, the United States is employing economic warfare and information warfare as a prelude to a possible military assault. Through sanctions targeting key areas of the economy, as well as acts of sabotage like the one that targeted the crucial Guri hydroelectric dam yesterday, the Trump administration hopes to make life unbearable for the people of Venezuela. Once again, the corporate media and leading politicians from both the Democratic and Republican parties are seeking to deceive the people of the United States and conceal their true objectives in Venezuela.

We will stand up to this travesty on March 16 in front of the White House. Please do your part right now by making an urgently needed donation.Volunteers are working around the clock all over the country and people are coming at great distances and at great expense.

Brian Becker
National Director, ANSWER Coalition

9. März 2019

Stromausfall in Venezuela: Behörden sprechen von Sabotage

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