Japan is busy trying to sabotage progress on the Korean Peninsula.

Japan is busy with trying to sabotage progress on the Korean Peninsula. 
Korean press reports that Japan’s FM stated opposition to any relief on sanctions against North Korea until complete denuclearization of North Korea. Japan’s lobbying behind the scene is truly disappointing. In 2018 when President Moon, during his visit of members of the EU, tried to rally European’s support for easing economic sanctions on North Korea, Japanese diplomats literally trailed behind Moon, and, using its powerful network, undermined President Moon’s effort. As you recall, the EU took a hardline approach on sanctions in spite of President Moon’s appeal. So here we go again.
From Tim’s latest article on The Nation:

“ After hearing Pelosi express her concern about the dispute between South Korea and Japan, Speaker Moon told Korean reporters that the House speaker was essentially lobbying for Shinzo Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party government in Tokyo. “I think Japan told her to have a word with [us] before the meeting, or in other words, scold us,” he said, according to the Joongang Daily. Pelosi’s press office did not return phone calls or e-mails seeking comment and clarification. “