Venezuela Regime Change Project: The German Government supports the „interim president“ Guaidó. A Statement of the Scientific Service Research Group within the German Parliament now explicitly questions the legality of the procedure.

The international recognition of the self-proclaimed Venezuelan interim president Juan Guaidó raises questions in the opinion of a Scientific Service Research Group in the German Parliament. There are „strong reasons to believe“ that recognition of Guaidó is interference in internal affairs, according to the seven-page expertise commissioned by the german Left Party. The question is „entirely justified“ whether this should not be considered as an inadmissible intervention.

Thirteen states have recognized Guaidó
Guaidó himself proclaimed himself interim President on 23 January. In the grounds he said that the election of head of state Nicolás Maduro in May last year had not met democratic demands. Maduro calls Guaidó, however, a puppet of the US and rejects new elections. The US and a number of Latin American countries backed Guaidó.

Germany and twelve other EU countries also recognized the young parliamentary president as the rightful transitional chief of the South American crisis state. Previously, they had asked Maduro to start a fair and free presidential election within eight days. This deadline has passed.

According to the report of the Scientific Service of the Bundestag, it is important for the question of the admissibility of international law, whether the new president has already finally prevailed. The recognition should not be premature. However, this question can not be answered beyond doubt in the case of Venezuela. At the same time, the report emphasizes: „mere recognition does not confer legitimacy on the new government.“

The left-wing politician Andrej Hunko said it was „completely obvious“ that Guaidó currently has no real power in Venezuela. „To recognize him as president is an irresponsible act that further exacerbates the already dangerous conflict,“ he said. There is a danger of civil war or military intervention. „The federal government could have mediated,“ said Hunko. This chance has been missed by the recognition of Guaidó. The scientific services of the Bundestag support the deputies, their work does not reflect the opinion of the Bundestag.