Protest Feb, 8: Hands off Venezuela! (Bloque Latinoamericano Berlin)

Given the alarming situation Venezuela is currently facing, we call for an immediate halt to the intervention of the US and the European Union, whether through military threats, political support for the latest coup led by Juan Guaidó, or economic sanctions.
As Latin Americans, we know of the catastrophic and tragic legacy of imperialist interference in the countries of our continent, with Chile (1973), El Salvador (1979) and Honduras (2009) as just a few examples of the systematic crimes against humanity. Given the apparently anti-democratic cooperation of the governments of the „Lima Group” to further destabilize Venezuela, we must point out that their actions are not based on the sincere desire to help the Venezuelan people, but on
their subordination to the imperialist geopolitical interests and the new right-wing governments that have seized our continent. We condemn the instrumentalization of Venezuela’s current crisis by this aggressive coalition in order to further strengthen its own neoliberal policies on a regional level and to distract public attention from the grave domestic problems for which these same governments are responsible.
We invite everyone to protest with us at Hermannplatz in Neukölln, both against the undemocratic and imperialist meddling of the German Government and for the self-determination of the peoples of our continent and the Global South.

Hands off Venezuela!

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