Venezuela: Der Putsch am 11. April 2002, als die Bush-Regierung Präsident Chávez verhaften ließ – A film by Lucila Gallino & Ralph T. Niemeyer

A film by Lucila Gallino & Ralph T. Niemeyer, produced during the darkest hours of a presidency under attack. Over three years, Gallino and Niemeyer accompanied President Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías and witnessed three coup attempts. Over 10 years the two documentary filmer repeatedly met with the president to follow up, the last time on 14th July 2012, 8 months before the sun set on Commandante Hugo Chávez. A selection of the many hours of material is put together in this comprised documentary film that explains the struggle of an oil-rich, yet poor, country at the brinks of modernisation. A people living at the edge of hop e and dispair. A country too rich to be poor.