Trump pedaling on Syria withdrawal – by Kevin Zeese

Trump is not the most reliable person. He changes his views often and has allowed the Pentagon and national security establishment to control foreign policy throughout his presidency.

In the NY Times morning’s briefing today they had this paragraph when reporting on Trump’s visit to Iraq yesterday:

„Mr. Trump said the U.S. might station commandos on Iraq’s border with Syria, to launch raids and other missions into that country, a strategy the Pentagon proposed after the American withdrawal was announced last week.“

If this is part of Trump’s withdrawal, it is a giant loophole that the Pentagon will turn back into a war. This combined with Israel announcing it will escalate to replace the US and reports that the US will continue its aerial campaign, are all bad signs of an incomplete withdrawal that will leave the embers of the US war on Syria burning, in ways that could be renewed into a full fledged war.

The US desire to control Syria, which has been the persistent goal of US policy since WW II, is not something that the foreign policy and military establishment has given up on. They seem to be maneuvering to keep their plan for domination of Syria continuing.

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