Sahra #Wagenknecht, Germany’s most prominent left-wing politician just launched Startup #Aufstehen #Standup

Sahra Wagenknecht’s #Aufstehen / #Stand Up movement is online now, the official launch is due to follow in the beginning of September. Wagenknecht says the movement wants different political majorities and a new government with a social agenda.

One of the Left Party’s parliamentary leaders, Wagenknecht aims to weaken the appeal of the far-right Alternative for Germany , a party that attracts protest voters and polls around 16% way ahead of the Left Party.

Wagenknecht wants to encourage people who don’t feel at home in any party to get involved in politics. She is supported by progressives both in the SPD (Social Democrats) and in the Green Party. The movement wants to create „social pressure“ on political parties and politics.

Sahra Wagenknecht in an interview about the central programmatic ideas of the #Standup movement:

„It is about the courage to overcome the neoliberal mainstream, to support social policy in the interest of the majority, and to end the policy of war and the dangerous arms race. Neoliberalism totally neglects the social needs of the less well off and causes many to turn away from democracy. Right-wing parties profit from this, and in the meantime, the AfD (right wing party Alternative For Germany) is setting the political agenda. We no longer want to accept corporate-controlled globalization, social cuts, and perpetual wars. We want to give people back the hope that politics can be changed. „

There are currently more than 40 prominent founding members whose names will be made public on 4 September.

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