USA-RUSSIA Summit. The Great Peace Charter XXI / July 16, 2018, Helsinki

We, the leaders of the United States and Russia, which possess 96% of the world’s nuclear weapons, half of which are o­n permanent alert, capable to destroy the planet Earth life during 30 minutes, realizing our key responsibility for preventing a mad military catastrophe prepared 100% , are compelled to recognize the extreme necessity for our national interests and humanity as a whole of a radical peacemaking nonviolent solution, which is expressed by our joint principled Resolution: „Great Peace CharterXXI.“

The Great Peace Charter XXI, abbreviated as GPC-XXI, is the beginning of conscious, comprehensive peacebuilding in the 21st century in the long-term perspective of several generations of humankind, excluding the possibility of its global military catastrophe.

GPC-XXI defines the following fundamental peaceful purposes and their instruments:

  1. The ultimate goal of our century is to end the institution of war through the scientific understanding of the nonviolent harmonious sources of global peace and guaranteed universal security that are ensured by general complete disarmament and the complete demilitarization of all spheres of world social production during the 50 years of the 21st century,
  2. The primary goal for the next 5-10 years is nuclear disarmament, „nuclear zero“, requiring forall nuclear weaponsimmediate taken off hair trigger alertand its reduction by 20-10% annually under the control of the IAEA. This is the first practical goal and priority responsibility of the leaders of the US and Russia leaders before their peoples and humanity in a whole.
  3. We focus o­n consciously harmonious political, economic and trade relations, excluding the world’s „trade and sanctions wars,“ helping to reduce political tensions instead of exacerbating it and providing the most effective solution to the partial geopolitical problems of Syria, Iran, Donbass, Afghanistan, Israel-Palestine and similar.
  4. We will appoint to September 2019, in an expanded format, the next „Global Peace Summit“ with the participation of all 9 nuclear powers, the EU, the UN and the world civil society in the person of the most deserved peacemaking nongovernmental organizations working for at least 10 years, uniting peacemakers not less than from 30 countries and possessing fundamental peacebuilding ideas / concepts, fixed in publications. This format is dictated by the grandiose peacebuilding mission of the 21st century, defined by the „Great Peace Charter“ and ensures democracy in the preparation, adoption and execution of its general „Roadmap for Global Peacebuilding“.
  5. We agreed to create in our governments the „Peace Departments“ as a permanent organizational and governing tool for the realization of the peacebuilding goals recognized in GPC-XXI and designed to ensure the implementation of its general Roadmap, detailed by decades and years of its implementation.

The parties signatures:

U.S. President, Donald Trump
President of Russia, Vladimir Putin

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