Katari TV Al Jazeera did spread Lies About Syria from First Day – Eva Bartlett interviews Dr Amer Ghantous on Events Around Daraa 2011

When in Syria Eva Bartlett interviewed Dr. Amer Ghantous about his experiences and observations on having worked in a military hospital in Dara’a governorate in March 2011. He spoke of being instructed to give priority to treating any civilians who came to the hospital before soldiers. He also spoke of the hospital receiving soldiers who had clearly been shot by snipers.
Dr. Ghantous speaks also about the lies of the TV-Newschannel Al Jazeera, whihc is based in Katar, and reported on the very same day live from the hospital, claiming that civilians were refused treatment. This happended when Dr. Amer Ghantous was present at the hospital witnessing that civilians were treated even while government soldiers were waiting in line.

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