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7. Juli 2018

Guardian-Journalist Glenn Greenwald wendet sich in Moskau gegen Russland-Bashing des Westens

Glenn Greenwald im RT-Interview während seines Moskau-Besuchs über den neusten Novichok-Fall und antirussische Medienberichte.

Ich denke, eines der wichtigsten Prinzipien in einem politischen System ist, dass Menschen solange nicht als schuldig betrachtet werden sollten – Regierungen sollten solange nicht als schuldig betrachtet werden – es sei denn, es werden Beweise für ihre Schuld vorgelegt. Ich glaube nicht einmal, dass das eine Kontroverse ist und ich weiß gar nicht, seit wann dies zu einer Kontroverse wurde. Ich dachte, das wäre die Lehre des Irakkrieges.

Und trotzdem, als Jeremy Corbyn erklärte: Bevor wir die russische Regierung für diese Vergiftung verantwortlich machen, sollten wir Beweise dafür sehen, dass sie tatsächlich verantwortlich sind, wurde er von den britischen Medien so behandelt, als ob er etwas Böses gesagt hätte.

Der Grundsatz, an den ich vermutlich vor allem anderen glaube, ist, dass keine Schuld angenommen werden sollte, ohne dass diese Schuld auch bewiesen wird.

7. Juli 2018

Greenwald: I came to Russia to combat US’ toxic view on the country

I think one of the most important principles in any political system is that people shouldn’t be presumed to be guilty – governments shouldn’t be presumed guilty – unless evidence is presented of their guilt. I don’t even think that is controversy and I don’t know when it became controversy. I thought that was the lesson of the Iraq war.

And yet when Jeremy Corbyn stood up and said: before we blame the Russian government for this poisoning, we ought to see evidence that they are actually responsible, the British media treated him as though he had said something evil.

So as a journalist especially, the principle that I believe in, probably, above all others is that no guilt should be assumed without evidence of that guilt being demonstrated.

I think, in Italy you see, for example, that what is traditionally the right and the left is changing very dramatically. There is a government in place formed by a coalition of what traditionally has been called the left and the right. But they are now really called more opposition to the establishment.

In the United States for a long time this shift has been taking place. Two of the most important protest movements in the US – one was the Tea Party, the other was Occupy Wall Street – were both perceived to be on different ends of the political spectrum. Yet they had very similar issues in common. They were protesting the bailout of Wall Street after the Wall Street crisis, the domination of corporations. When Donald Trump ran for president, even though he was perceived as a right-wing candidate, he did so by criticizing the Iraq war, by criticizing American militarism, by promising to ‘drain the swamp’ of corporate influence.

You see a similar dynamic in Brexit, where there were elements of the right and the left against the European Union. I think that left and right as we understood them for the last four decades are starting to morph into pro-establishment and anti-establishment dynamics and that will only continue.

if anything, it’s convinced me that it’s more unlikely than ever. There are factions within the intelligence community of the United States, the NSA, the CIA, the FBI that hate Donald Trump and will do anything to destroy him, including leaking classified information against him. I believe that if there were evidence of collusion between Trump and the Russian government, when it comes to the hacking of the DNC or the John Podesta emails, we would have seen in by now. We have not seen it by now.

Even people, who hate Donald Trump in the CIA, have tried to warn the Democrats: don’t expect there to be evidence of it; we don’t have evidence of it. But it’s like a religious belief to other people in the United States. And of course as we know religion doesn’t require evidence.

I don’t say it didn’t happen, because it could have happened. All I say is until there is evidence of it I don’t think we should believe it happened. And so far there is no evidence.

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