Draitser sits down with Edna Bonhomme to discuss neoliberalism in Tunisia, North Africa (Counterpunch Radio)

This time Eric welcomes to the show scholar and activist Edna Bonhomme to discuss her research on Tunisia, and how that country – a flashpoint during the Arab Spring – has evolved since protests erupted in 2010. Edna explains how the country has undergone a process of militarization, and that the US and other western powers have been behind the military in its expansion. Eric and Edna touch on everything from the role of Tunisia in the migrant crisis, to the US AFRICOM initiative and how that manifests all over the African continent. The second half of the show explores the role of neoliberalism in Tunisia and North Africa, drawing historical parallels to other countries in the region including Egypt. Edna discusses some of the social gains made since 2010 as well forms of resistance emerging today and so much more. This wide-ranging discussion is well worth your time.

Music: The Coup – “Laugh/Love/Fuck”

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