Oskar Lafontaine (The Left) – Unbelievable Operation of Warmongering

Published on Oskar Lafontane’s Facebook Page:  http://bit.ly/2Fr1bSy

In today’s „Bild“ is an unbelievable operation of warmongering happening. And it goes like this: „Bild“ shows a nine-year-old child who was murdered by bombs. Below it says, „Hala was nine years old when she was murdered. Killed after an air raid on Saturday. Killed by Assad and Putin’s bombs. One of 500,000 victims who lost their lives in the Syrian war. A war that the world has been blind about for seven years. “

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Further down in the article we read the appeal of the father of the murdered child: „I appeal to the West not to look any further …“

Bild“ should not be surprised that many call it Fake-News of the nation. Who in its right mind would claim „the world looks away for seven years“ when the U.S., England, France, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Russia, Iran, Australia, Denmark, Belgium, Canada, the United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Qatar and Jordan wage war on Syria and deliver weapons to the warring parties? How false it is to tell a desperate father, „The West must not look the other way“, when in reality „the West“ has been delivering weapons to the Middle East for decades, led by the US wars over raw materials and markets, and in Syria they want to bring about a „regime change“?

There is the paragraph 80a of the Criminal code: „Inciting to the crime of aggression“. It states: „Anyone inciting the public, in a congregation or by spreading publications to incite a crime of aggression (§ 13 of the International Criminal Code) will be punished with imprisonment from three months to five years.“ Do prosecutors committed to persecute crimes not read „BILD“? Do not you have at least a first thought?



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