Yuichi Kamoshita: Why Nago city elected a Mayor, who is promoting the new U.S. Military Base in Okinawa? – Coalition against U.S. and NATO Military Bases launches Guantanomo & Okinawa Campaigns

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Yuichi Kamoshita, who is a Buddhist monk and activist based in Okinawa, says, for the world to be freed from the chain of violence in which we are all trapped, the struggle of non-violence is crucial, and in that sense, Okinawan people and their effort represents a hope for the future of the whole world and its peace.

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After the Mayor of Nago has changed, everyone who want to stop Henoko U.S. new base construction is dissapointed.

Because 8 years ago people chose Mayor Inamine, who strongly opposed the New Base construction.

The new mayor was supported by the Japanese government of Premier Abe. (LDP).
During the election campaign, Mr. Togucihi never mentioned the new base construction or Henoko Base. It was a strategy to not talk about the base issue, but only about the economy.

The japanese government put all their power behind the campaign of Mr. Toguchi and that made him win.

Many of the members of the national diet, the japanes parliament came to Nago
to put presure on companies, hospitals, post offices, religious groups etc…

I need to mention that people under the age of 50 voted mostly for Mr. Toguchi.
People over the age of 60 voted more for Inamine.

It shows that people who know the war time chose Inamine. And people who see the news and get infomations by smart phone or the internet chose Mr Toguchi.

The campaign of Toguchi was very skilled about using social networks to catch young people’s interests.

So, what Mr. Toguchi can and will do now is to give permisions to the Japanese government which Mr Inamine didn’t.

At the end of this year the election for Okinawan governor starts.

Now, the governor of Okinawa Mr. Onaga is strongly opposed to the Henoko New base construction.

However, the overall atmosphere that surrounds Okinawa is not very supportable.

How people up lift the spirit in Okinawa is important.

At a same time, young people in Okinawa and all over Japan are inactive on these matters.

I understand that the U.S. base Issue and National politics of Japan is too big an issue to face. Somehow, people got to do something in order not to be treated like colonized people.


Japan proceeds with construction work for controversial new U.S. Military Base in Okinawa

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For a long time the people of Okinawa are opposing the national government’s construction of a replacement facility in the Henoko area of Nago city for the U.S. Marine Corps’ Futenma Air Station.

Despite massive local protest against the relocation of the U.S. military base from Ginowan to Nago, Tokyo is moving ahead with construction — dumping building materials into the sea and proceeding full-fledged landfill work inside the sea walls. The prefecture wants the base moved out of Okinawa altogether.
Taketoyo Toguchi is now the new mayor of Nago City, Okinawa. During the campaign he pledged to prioritize the local economy. The plan progresses to relocate the US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station to the city.

Toguchi had 20,389 votes – Inamine 16,931.
Inamine is opposed to the central government’s plan to relocate the US air station to a coastal area of Nago City.

Toguchi was recommended by the ruling the Liberal Democratic Party and Komeito, as well as Nippon Ishin. Inamine was backed by opposition forces, including the Democratic Party and the Japanese Communist Party.

The construction of seawalls continues as part of the relocation plan for the US Marine Corps Futenma Air Station to the Henoko district of Nago city.

Toguchi did not clearly say whether he was for or against the relocation plan during the campaign. Inamine promised to block the relocation plan with the support of Okinawa Governor Takeshi Onaga.

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