Close Guantánamo! Vigil Berlin – Sat, 24th February @ 14.00 at the Brandenburg Gate

For exactly 115 years, the US has occupied Guantánamo Bay as a naval base.

Since the victory of the Cuban Revolution in 1959, Cuba demands  the return of its own territory, as demanded under international law. and the principle of self-determination. Guantanamo was taken by the US military in 1903 under colonial power relations and enforced by an lease continued to be occupied.

The breach of international law and human rights „was further escalated by the US.
: after September, 11, 2001 Guantánamo Bay became a despicable US torture prison expanded to hold alleged terrorists. All this against the declared will of Cuba.

In the face of global outrage, President Obama promised to close the Camp, but without result. President Trump now expressly opposes a closure. But the opposing forces are mobilized and are getting stronger!

An International Conference of Peace, Human Rights and Environmental Organizations against US and NATO military bases took place in January 2018 in Baltimore / USA. ( ). The idea of a Global Action Day on February 24 was initiated at this conference.

Additional emphasis for the call to „Give Guantánamo back to Cuba“ can be practiced on February 23 by Twitterstorm: [#ReturnGuantanamotoCubaNow]. Also in Germany we understand ourselves as part of the movement „No Foreign Bases“ against Ramstein and Büchel and as part of the Coalition against US-Military Bases Abroad. (In 131 countries, the U.S. maintains about 800 military bases !!).

Our widely shared and supported demands are:

Close Guantánamo! 
Close the US-military base Ramstein! 
US- nuclear weapons out of from Büchel!

Support our demands at our vigil on Saturday, 24th February 2018 at 14.00
at the Brandenburg Gate. Event with information desk, speeches, information, discussions etc.

Support this call: NETZWERK CUBA – information office e.V., Freidenker Berlin, International Peace Bureau (IPB), Patria Grande, Personalities of the Solidarity and Peace Movement

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