Frome Stop War: MEDIA ON TRIAL – Vanessa Beeley reports from Syria

The Media on Trial public meeting last week in London was sold out, well over 500 seats filled.

The meeting was marred by protestors who let off a stink bomb, organised emails to the venue defaming the organisers, and tried to disrupt the proceedings. It seems that having a monopoly on the MSM is not enough for these people.One former UK Ambassador, three international investigative journalists and two leading professors discuss misreporting, misinformation and deliberate propaganda disseminated by the mainstream media at times of international conflict, and military intervention.

The demonisation of one non-aligned leader after another, setting the stage for public consent for regime change has been part and parcel of establishment and corporate media’s agenda this century. While sidelining independent research and refusing to independently verify its own reporting the mainstream has become obsessed with ‚fake news‘

So who is spreading ‚fake news‘? What effect has fake news and propaganda had? Should we make the media accountable for its actions? These questions and more are discussed by our expert panel in an event organised by Frome Stop War and supported by Bristol Against Imperialism, entitled ‚Media on Trial‘.