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29. September 2017

Historic U.S. Activists Delegation to China

Siu Hin
September 25,2017

„How can U.S. activists build true international activist solidarity? My answer: be more sincere, humble, and respectful to the local customs & political views REGARDLESS of whether they fully agree with your core values—and be willing to report these finding uncensored to the U.S. activist communities. Be good listeners, research and study everything, learn their language; relax and have fun.“

In July 2017, the first-of-its-kind US activists solidarity delegation to China, organized by the National Immigrant Solidarity Network and activist Lee Siu Hin, the long-time Chinese American activist, brought a dozen North American activists to Beijing and Shanghai to meet with Chinese activists, officials, workers; and to explore in-depth historic, cultural, social, political and economic aspects of China.

The delegation idea began 10 years ago, when we had many debates about China with U.S. labor and anti-globalization activists. I then realized that there’s an urgent need for U.S. activists to meet with Chinese activist face-to-face, for honest dialogues. However, it took several years of non-stop negotiations between both countries, and to finally generate enough activists’ interest to organize the delegation.

It’s Not Your Parent’s Old School Delegation Trip
While several activists from the delegations had traveled to China in the past, and they have many Chinese-American friends, they still didn’t expect what they saw.

The delegation successfully accomplished the goal of helping promote a deeper understanding of China , and meeting Chinese activists to build a bi-national activist solidarity movement for peace, workers & economic justice. We visited revolutionary museums to study history, and met with a wide range of people, including: both left and right-wing people, middle-class Chinese, western migrants (AKA “expats”), NGO workers, government officials, factory workers, farmers, students, university scholars, Maoist and left-wing cyber activists. It helped North American activists better understand Chinese society, history, culture, economics, and politics, and how to build bi-national activist solidarity in the future.

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29. September 2017


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