Lebanon interested in weapons purchases from Russia (TASS)

MOSCOW, September 11. /TASS/. Lebanon’s Prime Minister Saad Hariri hopes to discuss the possibility of purchasing Russian military hardware during his visit to Russia.

„My visit in the capacity of Lebanon’s Prime Minister is geared to developing relations with Russia in all spheres. The same concerns the military sphere,“ Hariri said at a meeting with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov on Tuesday. „We do hope that the visit will allow for discussing the possibility of purchasing Russian weapons in order to make the Lebanese army stronger and more combat-ready.“

„Lebanon, just as the whole international community, is determined to resist terrorism. The Lebanese army has achieved considerable successes along these lines,“ Hariri said.
He added that he was going to discuss regional problems with Lavrov.
„Lebanon, just as other countries in the region, suffers a great deal from the problems that have hit this part of the world, including the large number of Syrian refugees who have taken shelter in Lebanon. We do hope that the political steps being taken for the sake of resolving the Syrian crisis will contribute to the solution of these problems, too,“ he said in conclusion.


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