Syria pictures – Art against War Exhibition with works by Ursula Behr – Sept., 1, 2017 at 7 pm – Coop Anti-War Cafe Berlin

Exhibition with works by Ursula Behr
Syria pictures – Art against War

Ursula Behr was born in Fulda in 1960 and lives in Berlin.

On September 1, 2017, a new exhibition of works by Ursula Behr will take place in Berlin. Images from Syria, portraits of tortured Syrian government soldiers momements before their death, pictures of the liberation of Palmyra, images of a criminal, violent and a war of lies. The exhibition is a confrontation with war and death.
Ursula Behr about her art: „… For me, paintings need to make a statement, interfere in what is often intolerable.“ I prefer critical and political art to the fine arts, I bother where most artists are silent. . “

Since 1957, the first day in September has been celebrated as an anti-war day, on the anniversary of the invasion of Poland by the German fascist army, and the beginning of the Second World War on 1 September 1939.

Today, 78 years later, the paintings by Ursula Behr express the cruel suffering and endless sadness in a war against the country of Syria, a war against the people of Syria. A war that has been raging since 2011 and has now lasted even longer than the Second World War, in which 60 million people died, almost 30 million citizens of the former Soviet Union.

More than 400,000 people have died in Syria. There are 11 million Syrians who are refugees, many parts of the country are destroyed. Only the material losses of the war are estimated by the World Bank at well over 200 billion US dollars.

After the German government initially maintained relations with Damascus in Syria in 2011 when unrest first broke out, Germany cut off diplomatic relations with Syria in 2012, and from that time on it became part of the group of so-called „Friends of Syria“, who were calling for the toppling of the government in Damascus. In 2013, at a conference in Qatar, it was decided to supply weapons to the Syrian „opposition“ in breach of international law. The members of the „Friends of Syria“ now demanded a foreign military intervention.

The Berlin-based „Science and Policy“ Foundation, together with Syrian anti-Assad groups prepared a program for the reconstruction of the Syrian economy. In order to achieve the desired „regime change“, comprehensive economic and financial initiatives were introduced at the EU level since 2011. Syrian foreign assets were „frozen“, imports and exports were banned, and the syrian economy increasingly collapsed. The sanctions have since been extended and tightened every year and are only valid for those areas under the control of the government. Syrian church representatives, trade unions and aid organizations have been calling for the lifting of sanctions for years.
For years now, the german army has also been involved in the conflict, with air defense missiles based in Turkey, tornado fighters, AWACS surveillance aircraft and tankers for the US-led military campaign against the IS.

German leading media reported completely one-sidedly about the conflict in Syria. The Syrian government, President Assad and the Syrian army are almost exclusively represented as representatives of a criminal regime. Since the intervention of Russia on the basis of a request for help by the Syrian government, the security situation in the country has improved considerably, but the German press can now call out the Russian president for supporting the terror regime in Damascus.

The war against Syria should therefore be seen in the context of the ongoing conflict with Russia. In Ukraine, a coup by right-wing forces was supported by the West, which led to a brutal war against the Russian-speaking minority in their own country, and NATO soldiers are now setting up bases on the Russian border. In Syria, extremists are being supported in a proxy war to overthrow the government in Damascus. In a relentless information war, the perpetrators have become victims and the victims became perpetrators. Western media and governments expose the perpetrators exclusively as the regimes in Damascus and Moscow.

The exhibition starts on Friday, September 1, 2017 at 7 pm.


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